creative website design templates
creative website design template

10+ best creative website design templates for 2023.

creative website design templates

“Creative website design templates”—have you heard these phrases? Others contend that the word “creative website template” is ambiguous. How can anything that relies on repetition and patterns be creative and new? But it’s feasible.

Your website doesn’t have to appear uninspired just because you didn’t write the code. Moreover, a website developed using a template would be ideal; in many vocations, it stays very attractive. Using website builders and templates has revolutionized the web design process. Non-techies can make a website that is memorable and makes an impact.

You don’t need to know how to code to tweak, alter, and personalize any aspect of your website and page template when using website builders like Web Wave, PageFly, and Elementsor. These days, every technology is made simpler to fit the user’s goal. So, it would be obvious website design and customization too.

I’ve selected the top 10 responsive, creative website templates listed on Themeforest and other top sites. to make things even simpler. Examine them to get ideas for your project, or pick your best one and use it to enhance your online presence. Deep research has been done keeping in mind various factors before preparing this list.

Figma Template SaaS: Software Startup and SaaS.

creative website design templates
creative website design templates

With SaSa, you can craft a remarkable website or app that effectively showcases your innovative products and services. Whether you’re launching a cutting-edge software tool or offering valuable resources for online learners, SaSa has everything you need. Its sleek and contemporary design will captivate your target audience and make a lasting impression.

  1. Pre-designed templates that can be effortlessly customized to align with your brand identity.
  2. Multiple home page designs, portfolio, service, FAQ, and detail pages
  3. Design that is both professional and creative.
  4. Vector icons with a full width of 1920px and a grid system of 1520px
  5. Google fonts enabled for free within this theme.
  6. Components had been provided which suits your software well.
  7. The best text styles are provided within this template.

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Neytiri: creative website design templates.

best creative website design template for fashion.

Neytiri is the best creative website design template for fashion.

They are very well suited for fashion stores, completely transforming the online purchasing experience. It is the perfect option for any website about fashion because of its clean and contemporary design, which effortlessly combines creativity and functionality. Users may easily modify their online store and create an eye-catching platform to display their products, thanks to cutting-edge features and imaginative website design templates.

Brief Neytiri creative website design template features

  1.  With a user-friendly interface, designers can easily include their brand’s identity while giving customers an enjoyable purchasing experience.
  2.  Interactive navigation menus and adjustable product grids are optimised for ease of use and style.
  3.  best font integration and an easily customizable facet.

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Gaaga creative website design template for agency.

Getting a perfect theme for your agency business would be, indeed. It has just some form-related functions, so it’s best to go for a creative website design template for agency-related business.

Gaaga provides an extensive selection of chic and adaptable design components that will assist you in showcasing your firm’s distinct character and experience.

Every element of Gaaga, from striking layouts to cutting-edge navigation choices, has been thoughtfully designed to guarantee a remarkable user experience.

Brief Gaaga: Best Agency Template

  1. Compatible /would be easily updated. customized , fit for all purpose.
  2. Mobile-friendly aspect and all browser-compatible features.
  3. WPML & Translation, custom widget area,

Spa Treats Saloon PSD: creative website design templates.

 Creative website design templates for Women.

The best way to create a visually appealing internet presence for your spa, salon, or beauty parlor is with the SPA Treats PSD template. Our creative website design templates are made especially to highlight the grace and tranquility that your company provides.

Brief SPA is a creative website design template.

  1. The eye-catching color scheme will draw them in, and the distinctive and high-quality page layouts will make browsing easy.
  2. Gorgeous typographic solutions that flawlessly match the overall design, easy theme switcher, exclusive
  3. SPA Treats is designed to fulfill all of your requirements, regardless of your area of expertise—spa treatments, salon , or Ayurveda remedy business . It has never been simpler than now with SPA treats to showcase your products and services because of its user-friendly UI and simple navigation capabilities.

Whats next ?Instead of settling for subpar website designs, why not have an amazing online presence? Prepare to differentiate the company you run from other businesses and see it grow like never before!

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Figma Template for Creative Agency: AaKum.

Figma Template for Creative Agency

The AaKum Figma Template offers the perfect solution for customising your website to reflect your agency’s unique branding and style.

By leveraging the AaKum Figma Template, you can start quickly by using a prepared professional base that is simple to modify to fit your unique needs.Whether you want to showcase your portfolio, highlight your services, or provide information about your team, this template has everything you need.

  1. Enhanced Aesthetics.
  2. Multiple home pages with a responsive mobile-friendly design facet
  3. Enhanced Aesthetics.

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Beauty Gallery.

Beauty Gallery- Creative website design templates

The Beauty Gallery template is a stunning and versatile choice for a business website. Its minimalist design, featuring a beautiful colour combination of light pink, grey, and white, perfectly aligns with the website’s company profile, exuding a polished and professional appearance. The addition of gradient shapes adds a touch of sophistication to the straightforward section-based layout, elevating the overall aesthetic.

This template’s versatility constitutes one of its best qualities. create a unique web page tailored to different brands, making it an ideal choice for those in creative fields. Additionally, the template simplifies the process of starting a blog for your company, offering pre-made blog pages and post layouts.

The beauty gallery theme features:

Type of website: business website

Pages: Gallery, Blog, Contact, Pricing, Services, About, and Home

optimised for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices in responsive web design

Features include a contact form, Google Maps, and blog functionality.

With its professional and adaptable design, the Beauty Gallery template is the perfect choice for businesses looking to make a strong and stylish online presence.

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Pixio: Fashion eCommerce Figma Mobile App User Interface Kit

The best template for mobile applications is designed in Figma. The user-friendly interface and apt, aesthetically enhanced design of this theme make it well suited for mobile applications for fashion facets.


  1. 30+ screens on the admin dashboard for the mobile application
  2. fully vector and customizable facet.
  4. Easy-to-Find Artboards, Folders, Layers, and Components
  5. unique design features.
  6. minimal and attractive aesthetics.

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SUAZI: Creative website design templates.

Creative website design template for architect.

SUAZI Projects offers an HTML5 template tailored for architecture firms that stands out from the competition. When users access the site, they are welcomed by a greeting and captivating hero section featuring a large image divided into tiny, animated forms that gracefully fly in from the top of the page to take their positions.

As users scroll down, they encounter visually stunning images with a parallax effect, drawing attention and creating a sense of depth. This easy-to-use effect sets a new standard for websites, as it can be effortlessly applied to images with just one click in WebWave, eliminating the need for manual code modifications.

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Landscape Photographer: creative website design templates.

creative website design templates for photography.

Introducing a new template for a portfolio website, this time tailored for a landscape photographer. The monochrome colour scheme draws inspiration from the captivating sunsets witnessed around the globe. The photographer’s unique personality shines through the hero section, where the interactive phrase “Hi, it’s me” accompanied by an arrow fosters a welcoming atmosphere and sparks engagement.


  1. Website type: personal portfolio
  2. Pages: Contact, About Me, Portfolio, Homepage
  3. Optimised for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices (horizontal and vertical) with a flexible web layout.

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Dreams SPA is a creative website design template for a beauty store.

In modern times, the beauty industry has greatly advanced. Women are the major cause of it. They spend more money on cosmetics. As a result, there is a growing need for visually appealing websites with high-resolution picture elements. If this is the case, Dream Spa is an excellent match for your website design aspect. It has characteristics such as the

  1. 1160 grid – awesome right!
  2. One-of-a-kind Procedure Page Designs for SPA/Salon Businesses:
  3. A stylish gallery page A beautiful and spa-specific home page design A useful blog and blog information page facet
  4. Google fonts were used for complimentary

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