Best WordPress theme.
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The dos and don’ts of selecting the best WordPress theme

Best WordPress theme.

There are thousands (if not tens of thousands) of WordPress themes available. There are so many that it would take days to go through them all. So, how do you whittle it down to pick the best one to use on your premises?

Now we can also check out why themes play a major role in WordPress site design.

Selecting the right theme is crucial to making your website more user-friendly. The right one, the right theme, gets fit for your content, and the response is very significant. So, the theme you selected should be responsive for all browsers and mobile.

Eye-catching design attracts visitors and forces them to make sales. It ought to open in less than a second.

What are the things to consider while selecting the best WordPress theme for your site?

With more than a pool of themes available on the platform. So, it can be a daunting task to select the best one. Before purchasing a theme, especially a customizable one, there are some factors to consider when selecting the perfect WordPress theme.

The dos and don’ts of selecting the best WordPress theme.

Keep your requirements in consideration before selecting the WordPress theme.

Before choosing a WordPress theme, it’s very important to consider your essentials so that your site’s functionality does not get disturbed. While getting a site, some considerations are required.

The WordPress Feature Filter within the Themes Repository makes it incredibly simple to narrow down the choices for complimentary themes according to particular qualities such as translation readiness and the ability to have a customizable header. It is critical to have the aesthetic in mind prior to making a decision. For example, you should be prepared to decide if you want the website to feature one or multiple columns.

Can I give you one ultimate mantra while getting a WordPress theme? You need to keep this. “Sometimes fewer is more, so only include the features you require.” A theme built from bottom to top, enabling the features that set out to accomplish your goal, is what is necessary to have a go. Not ones that are superfluous and clog up your theme, which leads us to the following issue: Let’s have a brief discussion below.

Say no to the bloated theme.

The main point here is that you don’t want a theme that’s overburdened with features—this will only be detrimental to you in the future. A packed-with-features theme may be appealing. But it may have a negative influence on the efficiency of the website. Remember to resist the impulse to set up every new feature you come across.

Adding some features, such as an embedded video, and some additional features, such as music players or gaming sets, might be alluring, but those features may hammer your page.

A new code may increase the security risk of your webpage’s weak spots. These characteristics are frequently created with the goal of accomplishing a particular purpose rather than ensuring a site is secured. Kindly take these into consideration before going on to purchase a WordPress theme for your site.

A responsive theme for your site would be awesome.

A design that is responsive would render the best SEO ranking, especially on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 72 percent of online visitors come through search engines, especially Google. So, you need to make the WordPress theme more responsive, which renders the best performance with both mobile and desktop versions.

Easy-to-navigate menus and other necessary widgets, which makes your site a most preferable one. Some features, like a fluid site grid and flexible images, can translate to a mobile version without any major setbacks.

But what if you have picked a template or theme that looks attractive but is also non-responsive? Then the only option left is customization. Let me proceed with some ways to have your customization done. But selecting a theme that satisfies all your basic goals would be a good one.

Keep colour in mind while selecting or customising your WordPress theme.

Colours play a lot in our conscience while we explore anything in life. Let it be food, or else a cloth, we look for matching close. Am I right? So, it’s evident that colour gives an attractive appeal to a site.

First, the colour sets your brand apart; it is vibrant in the logo of your site. Shades increase your brand’s recognition, which aids you in achieving your business goal. And contrast shades on the header and content would help a great deal. Selecting the colour gradient that matches your logo would be another obvious way.

WordPress comes with a lot of options to add your own shades through a custom CSS option. But it all depends on the theme you have chosen for your site. Most of the premium themes allow you to customise your own font and colour.

There would always be checks, which frustrates us. Can you guess and interpret? If not, I would detail that free themes (30 to 40 percent) can’t be customised over a limit. You need to take facts into account before getting into any theme purchase.

So, now you are set with the colour attributes that get connected to the majority of site visitors. But apart from that, you need to check some other attributes, such as fonts, SEO optimisation, and all feature-enabled ones. Let’s check them all out one by one here.

Kindly consider buying a premium theme.

Everything we get for free has some limitations. Is that right? Same with free WordPress themes too. They have their own limitations. While free themes are a good alternative for individuals on a tight budget, they can also have some drawbacks.

Getting a premium theme with all enabled features that sync with your goal is necessary.

Apart from the risk of poor code quality, choosing a free theme exposes you to the danger of the theme’s lack of updates on a regular basis. a lack of support, and even the potential that the developer of the topic creator will leave the theme entirely.

Getting a premium theme would render more features, making your site more dynamic and stand out from the rest of normal sites.

You can also select the required theme from the theme forest. Themeforest is the No. 1 e-commerce site for themes, landing pages, and templates. So, it would be very good to get a theme or template for your site from ThemeForest.

Some of the best sellers with 4.5+ ratings are designthemes, rsriram, and buddhathemes; you can grab some premium ones from them. They are very reliable and trustworthy, and they have a good number of clients—over 1 lakh. So, if you are willing to buy some premium Shopify or WordPress themes, landing pages, and templates, the designthemes and buddhathemes would be a better choice.

Pick a theme that does not have a difficult-to-read typeface.

Sometimes, getting a theme with good fonts is tedious. You cannot guess the audience’s feelings exactly, but when we avoid certain silly mistakes, we can get better with our webpage.

This relates to grabbing your guests interest rapidly so they don’t leave your site. You need your visitors to be able to explore your site and find what they’re looking for as easily as possible. Make your typefaces simple, elegant, and readable. Geometric Sans Typefaces like Holgada and character serifs like Temeraire were among the more popular fonts on the World Wide Web in 2023. Just grab the best fonts based on recent trends to have catchy fonts that clearly display your page contents. Highlights your significant points. For headings and subheadings, using certain stylish fonts like Gil Sans would be a great idea. So, before selecting a suitable font type, size, and style, if you have easy-editable CSS, which means you are familiar with CSS, you can easily customise it.

But some of the free themes would be very limited, with limited editing enabled on sections. Get the best-fitting WordPress templates for your site, with editable ones enabled.

Get a WordPress theme with SEO optimization.

SEO is very crucial these days. Going with good SEO-optimised WordPress themes renders the best results on Google and other search engines. As more than 73 percent of the searches from mobile and desktop are through Google. So, rendering good search engine optimization is very crucial.

“Best search engine optimization” refers to a code design that is both mobile and desktop compatible.. Moreover, mobile-friendly design plays a very important role. Statistics show that approximately 75 percent of e-commerce searches are done through smartphones. Enabling both desktop and mobile versions of site switchovers would be a good way to give users flexibility.


I hope so. You now know about the dos and don’ts while selecting a WordPress theme. I would love to summarise my content.

  1. Grab the theme, which enables you to customise thoroughly with little CSS knowledge.
  2. Here, you need to consider search engine optimization and other necessary aspects of search results.
  3. Compatible with all the top web browsers.
  4. Other aesthetic aspects, such as font and colour, need to be taken into consideration. Also, the WordPress theme fits your goal at its best.

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