Top 10 best mobile friendly wordpress themes

Top 10 best mobile friendly wordpress themes

Top 10 best mobile friendly wordpress themes

Do you know? Approximately, more than 79 percent of searches on Google search engines are from mobile devices. So, what can we interpret here? Well, making websites now needs to be scrutinized especially for smartphone friendliness. So, opt for mobile-friendly WordPress themes. Well, that’s a must if you are looking to rank your website on search engines. Let’s check out the top 10 best mobile-friendly WordPress themes, which are proven to deliver good search engine results.

Dots – mobile-friendly WordPress corporate theme.

Best wordpress templates for corporate companies
Best wordpress templates for corporate companies.

 “Dots” have the best set of features, which makes it one of the best designs for your webpage. If you are running a corporate business or an agency-related organisation, well, if it is so, then “dots” would be a great fit.

 The premium inner pages that Dots offers really stand out when it comes to designing a polished and elegant business website.

  • These painstakingly created pages are pre-made to exactly match the particular requirements of your business, saving you a great deal of time and work when it comes to modification. If you are looking to avail the best mobile friendly wordpress themes- then surely you need to consider it. 
  • Dots makes sure your website looks good and works well on all kinds of devices by emphasising mobile friendliness. Apart from the inner pages, it has six unique demos and our team page. Rich, alluring pricing page. It has a feature to add a woocommerce shop plugin to your websites. Portfolio, about us, contact information, FAQ, and service page design are available.
  • The theme’s flexible design shows a knowledge of the browsing behaviours of contemporary consumers and offers prospective customers or clients a seamless experience. You can use “ one demo import tool” just to install dots with ease. 
  • In a world where first impressions count more than ever, Dots gives you the resources you need to make an impression that lasts, regardless of how users reach your website.

 In conclusion, selecting Dots as your company’s mobile friendly WordPress themes gives you access to thoughtfully designed inner pages that prioritize mobile friendliness while especially meeting your business objectives.

 Lilac – beauty mobile friendly wordpress themes

beauty mobile friendly wordpress theme

Does beauty last forever? Some might say yes, but in truth, skincare needs special care. The same goes for beauty and cosmetic products. If you want to attract an online audience for such products, consider using Lilac. It’s the top mobile-friendly WordPress theme for beauty products. Why ? Let’s check it out.

Why is lilac the best beauty mobile friendly wordpress theme?

“Lilac “ is designed specifically to present your products in a very alluring way. 

Lilac is a modern, user-friendly WordPress theme designed for beauty and cosmetics woo-commerce stores. It’s perfect for a variety of businesses including makeup stores, organic cosmetics shops, clothing stores, and baby stores. 

It’s also ideal for beauty salons, spas, and centres. If you’re a beauty blogger or run a beauty marketplace, Lilac can be a great fit for you. 

Lilac is versatile and can be used to create any type of attractive ecommerce store. It even supports Arabic RTL, making it suitable for a global audience.

  • 12 plus demos available – which means versatile choice available for users.
  • No code skills required.
  • Pre-built inner pages – with aesthetically pleasing UI/UX graphic design. 
  • WPML & Translation ready – customizable mega menu. 
  • Elementor – page builder for ease drag and drop facility – well which makes you to easily build pages without any required coding skills.
  • Yith woocommerce compare plugin – which displays related products with a comparison column.
  • Interactive  contact 7 form -for ease client communication . 
  • Thus aesthetically pleasing 4  RTL  version demos on this “lilac” beauty  mobile friendly wordpress theme.

Which are the sectors that this beauty mobile friendly wordpress theme could be very fit?

This theme is excellent for selling a wide range of products such as beauty products, cosmetics, skincare items, face and body care products, fragrances, eye makeup kits, nail polish, hair extensions, hair care products, perfumes, face and neck creams, facial products, aesthetic beauty items, body soaps, and body wash products.

Paint – painting company mobile friendly wordpress themes

 painting company website templates

Enter the vibrant world of our Mobile friendly WordPress themes for painting companies! Imagine a digital canvas that is incredibly easy to traverse across and visually stunning at the same time. 

Like a masterfully performed symphony, in which each note finds the ideal chord, these themes have a natural flow between their intuitive design components and their visual appeal.

These mobile friendly WordPress themes are like a contemporary Picasso for your online presence—they provide countless customization choices that flawlessly match the personality of your brand. supplying you with alternatives for a striking colour scheme and clean typography. Lack of experience in coding? 

Not a problem! Our painter can change your digital scene without the requirement for technological expertise since they grasp the simplicity of brushstrokes. Sounds exciting: powerful images with seamless transitions? I mean, we just can’t stop chatting. Paint is surely one of the best mobile friendly wordpress themes available on the market.

Kids cool – Templates

Kids cool - Templates

Kidscool is a meticulously designed theme tailored for children’s education, learning management systems (LMS), and online bookstores. It has been carefully developed to be highly competitive in the modern world.

Experience the extraordinary features of this theme that will captivate your visitors with its distinctive design. Elevate your conversion rates and reduce bounce rates from the get-go 

Smartphone version of this template fits very well. So , kids cool is definitely the best kids based smartphone optimised template. So explore the preview of this template below.

uDesign – mobile friendly wordpress theme

uDesign stands out as a popular and responsive WordPress theme, making it an ideal choice for ecommerce sites. Whether you’re a coding novice or expert, uDesign empowers you to create a sleek and professional website for your business.

With uDesign, you can easily ensure your site is mobile-friendly by selecting from its range of responsive page layouts. This means your site will seamlessly adapt to various screen sizes, including tablets, smartphones, and desktops. Additionally, uDesign offers two mobile menu options and built-in SEO optimization, guaranteeing your site ranks higher in organic search results.

Top 10 best mobile friendly wordpress themes.

Astra – free template

Astra stands out as one of the most exceptional free WordPress themes available today, boasting an impressive user base of over one million active users. The Astra theme is packed with a myriad of features and mobile-ready starter templates, enabling you to effortlessly launch a responsive site in record time and at minimal cost.

Astra offers numerous options for optimizing your WordPress site for mobile devices. You can fine-tune your typography size based on the device, incorporate breakpoints to trigger layout changes at specific widths, and customise the header for mobile devices. With its renowned loading speeds, lightweight structure, and seamless compatibility with leading page builders, Astra ensures that your site performs flawlessly on any screen.

Divi – the Mobile friendly wordpress themes

mobile friendly wordpress themes

Divi is a versatile WordPress theme and a responsive page builder all rolled into one. With the Divi Builder, you can effortlessly customise module placement, fonts, and colours. Plus, you can toggle between different screen widths inside the builder to see how your designs adapt.

Additionally, Divi offers a wide range of website packs, which are pre-made, mobile-friendly layouts for entire websites. Once you install a pack, you won’t have to worry as much about mobile optimization.

For a comprehensive look at Divi, check out our full review and explore some examples of stunning websites built with Divi.

Soledad – blog theme

mobile friendly wordpress themes

Soledad stands out as a top-selling theme for blog and magazine websites, boasting over 43,000 sales and an impressive nearly 5-star rating. This multipurpose mobile friendly WordPress theme is incredibly comprehensive and flexible, offering a staggering 6000+ homepage demos and 200+ pre-built websites.

What truly sets Soledad apart is its mobile-friendly design, featuring 100% responsiveness that automatically adjusts the size of images, ads, and other page elements to ensure a seamless display on smartphones and tablets. Additionally, the theme is optimised for loading speed and fully supports AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to guarantee the best experience for your smartphone website visitors.


uncode the best templates for download.

Uncode is an exceptionally sleek theme designed to deliver outstanding performance on mobile devices. Boasting over 40 pre-built layouts that can be imported with just a single click, this theme is a powerhouse of functionality. Its lightweight programming ensures swift page loading, even on slower devices.Uncode is the one of the best mobile friendly wordpress themes.

Compatible with a range of modern WordPress plugins, including WooCommerce, Slider Revolution, and Custom Lightboxes, Uncode also features a content block section that empowers you to craft stunning headers, footers, and replicate sections of content.

LIEO – creative business mobile friendly wordpress theme

Templates for free download.

In the world of mobile friendly wordpress themes – LIEO finds its own place. LIEO is one of the best  creative business templates which has eye-catching designs with enhanced javascript animations.

  1. 5 unique creative business smartphone compatible demonstration pages.
  2. With “Nexgen” documentation clearly demonstrates every option present in your website .Well, it makes you understand every option present on the template  .
  3. Professional support team.
  4. Pre-build inner pages such as “contact “, “ about” , “project”,” listing”, “blog”, “our service”.


Selecting the best mobile friendly wordpress themes is a very significant one. We have seen the need for the former on this blog. 

The above listed are some of the best mobile friendly wordpress themes available on the market. After making scrutiny over various criteria I have listed some of the greatest Fits for your website. When considering enhancements, it’s important to focus on factors such as the theme’s responsiveness, cohesive design elements, and the availability of useful functionalities. Explore Top 10 best mobile friendly wordpress themes listed here. Kindly pour your valuable comments on this blog. 

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