Figma Ecommerce templates
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10+ Figma Ecommerce templates for download.

Figma Ecommerce templates

Trend is the one that never fades away. Isn’t it? So , for some time , it was a jazz trend , after that pop-culture , now it’s trap and EDM. Future who knows what would be ? But the only thing that didn’t alter is the word “trend” alone. So , the latest burst on the template  trend is “  figma”. Let’s check some of the astonishing figma Ecommerce templates below.

Well, beforehand , let’s discuss why to go for figma ecommerce templates.

Why go for Figma Ecommerce templates ?

Gone are the days of staring blankly at your screen and wondering where to start. With Figma templates, you can kick start your eCommerce journey with style and pizzazz.In short words you can quickly bring your vision to life without pulling out every hair on your head. 

Why experience unnecessary stress when these happy little gems are waiting for you to pluck them? Trust me, it will be love at first click! So , let’s check on some of the  top figma Ecommerce templates now! .

10+ Figma Ecommerce templates for download.

AforApple – school figma Ecommerce template.

Hoping to get a beautiful kids Estore .Many toy store owners as well as kindergarten , Kid’s tutors would be so. Aren’t you on the same page? If you are then AforApple would be the best suitable design.

If you are owning a Kindergarten school else any children related coaching center or children based products. Then going online would be great with this beautiful design . “AforApplie” is rated as one among top 10 figma Ecommerce templates . Why  so ? Well, for that query , you need to explore some astonishing features present with this design frame.

Can we discuss some of the best features of this design ?

Below are some of the stunning features this design renders on. 

  • 18 layouts presented in a unique way .
  •  The design is Completely customizable based on your requirements.
  • Professionally designed template with 4 unique creative demos.
  • Free google fonts available – so that you can style your text . With your favourite font type,  style , size you can fetch desired font output.
  • Eye catching Aesthetics to allure childrens , possibility to embed virtual interactive videos to engage greater interest to your user especially kids.
  • This Design suits best for various screen types.
Figma Ecommerce templates.

Titoo – kids fashion figma Ecommerce templates.

Meet Titoo, the perfect design for stores selling children and baby products. Its bright and stylish design is sure to attract your customers. This design is ideal for any store selling products for children. Whether you’re opening a baby product store or a children’s clothing store, Titoo is the right choice for you. This affordable design has everything you need to set up a fashionable online store for children’s products. 

Can you customise this Titoo template? If that’s the query the ultimate answer would be “Yes. 

✔️Yes  you can easily adjust the layout, colours, and images to fit your brand. 

User friendliness is very much significant whether it’s customer care or an ecommerce website where customers interact with your product screens. Titoo user-friendly interface design makes it easy to navigate.  So , it makes the best engagement for your site’s customers. Good engagement indeed a good conversion. Isn’t it ? So , titoo will be a perfect buy.

We’ve also included screenshots so you can see the beautiful design in action. Don’t miss this great chance to take your children’s store online with flair.

Figma website templates.

Sheena – Beauty  and cosmetic figma ecommerce templates.

Eager to take your cosmetic business to next heights. Aren’t you ? If so , then going online with an aesthetically enriched figma ecommerce template would be a great deal.

Aesthetics is a significant factor to check. Especially when your target users are the same.

Now let me introduce the aesthetically enriched figma ecommerce template ” sheena” .

What sectors would this design better suit?

Sheena is a versatile and user-friendly design perfect for online cosmetics stores. It’s ideal for businesses selling skincare products, beauty care centres, aesthetic clinics, and organic cosmetic stores.It’s also suitable for beauty spas, salons, and barbershops.

Ecommerce templates download

What are the features of this beauty  figma ecommerce template?

Sheena is embedded with some breath consuming features. Well, that makes it the best UI/UX design to look out for.Let’s check on those. 

  • 3 unique demo’s to watch out for.
  • Contact us, about us  ,a  unique “our team” page designs.
  • Integrating a shipping partner would nevertheless criteria to be on Elite E Commerce sites list .So , On this UI/UX design has “ Order tracking page design “
  • Shop-detail , pricing , gift card alluring designs, Login/ signup page .

Hope to explore more about this exciting UI/ UX design work.

Just click on the link below. From where you can buy this figma ecommerce template.

Koka – Multipurpose shopify  eCommerce Figma Template.

Imagine a versatile UI/UX design for women’s clothing? The Koka Multipurpose Ecommerce is just that. It’s perfect for any type of store, from print-on-demand to clothing accessories, and for both women’s and men’s fashion. Isn’t that great? 

Figma website templates for download.

Now, let’s look at the UI/UX features. 

It has a fully customizable layout, five unique homepage designs, clean typography with stylish fonts, 17 inner page layouts, a clean and responsive user interface, and copyright-free product images. 

Plus, there’s 24/7 customer support to assist any query or troubleshoot issues. The template’s simple yet sleek design makes it a great choice for all types of digital companies and consulting organisations.

Hope so , now you have an idea about koka design. Looking to buy this! Click the below button.

Veggie – Grocery Estore Kit.

The Veggie Grocery E-commerce UI Kit is a user-friendly template designed for Figma. It’s perfect for starting your iOS Grocery app project and speeds up your workflow. You don’t need to start from zero. Then here’s “Veggie” for your website.

 If you’re working on Figma projects, you might need a free eCommerce admin panel template, which you can use with this UI Kit. This will help you create great eCommerce web apps. 

  • This Figma eCommerce template includes 30 design screens to streamline your workflow.
  •  It also offers several features. These include the Atomic Design System for pixel-perfect designs.
  • Google Fonts for easy text style changes, and a colour Style Guide for simple colour changes. 
  • It’s exclusively made for Figma and has well-organised layers and groups.

Runstore– UI/UX design kit.

The Runstore is a top-notch set of templates, parts, and user interface (UI) elements for building a streamlined e-commerce app. 

If you want to  have the same for Webstore , you can integrate Runstore. Lets check some aspects of this UI/ UX kit.

  •  It comes with 70 screens and a user-friendly design system rooted in styles and symbols. 
  • All parts are adjustable and simple to edit via the override panel. 
  • You can quickly build a chic e-commerce app with the Runstore UI kit. 
  • It offers 70 unique screens, organised symbols and styles, full customization, easy editing, free font, and included icon set.
Figma ecommerce templates

Kaira – Figma Ecommerce template.

The Kaira fashion store offers a free Figma template. This template is simple, modern, and can be customized to fit your brand. 

Everything which stays free has limitations embedded . Isn’t it ? Well premium has some astonishing design works – the same stays with Kaira too.  There are two versions of the Kaira template. 

  • The free version includes a homepage and a mobile version. If you want more, you should choose the premium version.
  •  The premium version gives you access to 32 website pages, mobile responsiveness, UI components, typography, and colour for a small fee.
Figma website templates.

Swanky – fashion figma ecommerce templates. 

Swanky is a Figma template made for Fashion Store Ecommerce Websites. However, its versatile design allows it to be used for any e-commerce site. 

There are two versions of the Swanky template. 

  • The free version includes a homepage that works on mobile and tablet devices. 
  • For a fuller experience, we suggest the full version.  Full version in this sense is “ premium”. It gives you access to all 17 pages and mobile screens for a small fee.

To view more about this Figma e-commerce template, click the link below.

Figma website designs

MiniStore – UI/UX design work.

Ecommerce designs

 Free UI/UX designs would be great .Isn’t it? MiniStore is a free Figma website template suitable for any type of electronic store. This free UI/UX design  has nine pages that are completely free for you to use. This Figma Ecommerce template for a small eCommerce store comes with. We would greatly appreciate a small donation when you download this template, which would support our continued efforts to provide you with new designs.

Which are the fields that I can integrate into this Figma ecommerce template?

 It may be used with any type of eCommerce store, tech store, shopping mall website, shopping cart store, smartphone store, electronics store, small retailer, etc.

If you are the one who loves to have free – but as well as some good aesthetics , alluring , appealing one. Then this MiniStore would be best suited for you.

Click below to have a look about this figma ecommerce template.

Community – UI/UX

The community eCommerce Figma template is a neat, up-to-date, and orderly UI/UX . This design can be used according to your needs. It’s suitable for various niches like shoes, cosmetics, wine, organic foods, clothes, fashion, watches, jewellery, food, electronics, and furniture.

Figma Ecommerce template
Figma Ecommerce template


Hope so , you have explored each and every figma ecommerce template. Based on your sectorial and aesthetical as well as functional needs select the best suitable one from these.

Some of them come free with minimal features , some come with affordable price tags on paid versions. Others have been listed on premium versions.  I have attached each screenshot , made deep research before preparing these lists. I would love to hear some more points from you in comments about this blog content. Happy reading ! 

Some common FAQ regarding Figma framework:

Why do I need to prefer figma over others?

To answer this question I can simply spell out brief points.

  1. Optimized design time and quick product release.
  2. Seamless design development process.
  3. Enhanced user experience.
  4. Gives an easy way to refine and narrow down content and functionalities on your design.
  5. Provides an opportunity to work with teams , which can render accurate results. 
  6. Simplified prototypes.
  7. Figma renders budget friendliness , it would be within your affordability index.
  8. Consistency in UI/UX design. 

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