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10 + Exquisite Premium WordPress Pet Themes

Pets and animals are loved by the millions of people around the world. They devote so much of their time and money to take care of their beloved pets and animals.  There are many organizations for protecting the rights of the animals  world wide and many laws in developed countries preventing any kind of cruelty or carelessness in tending to them.

Are you a pet lover who wants to help out in anyway to take care of the animals and prevent as well as report cruelty in your area? You can contribute your time by doing pet sitting service or bring more awareness amongst people for bringing up and taking care of the pets. Well, creating a visually attractive pets theme based website would certainly help people to learn about animals and pets care,  their nutritional requirements, behavior training & grooming apart from other aspects of pets hygiene.

WordPress is the best open source platform for creating and maintaining your website without any coding knowledge. WordPress pet themes  offers many convenient features for creating and maintaining a perfect pet website. But selecting a theme from the available pet themes is a time consuming process as analysing the themes by studying and comparing the entire set of pet themes is not an easy task for everyone. That is the reason we have shared this list of “10 + Exquisite Premium WordPress pet themes” containing the best wordpress pet themes. Select a theme that is suitable for your website and share your feedback.

1) Happy Pets ($59)

Happy Pets - A Pet Shop/Services WordPress Theme

Happy Pets is a prominent wordpress pet theme. This theme is retina ready that will make your website preview more magnificently on all high resolution devices. This theme is fully compatible with WPML and support RTL function. You can share your pet care articles and advices in most visually catchy look using this blog designs. This blog supports various blog post types such as Standard, Gallery, Link, Quote, Video and Audio. This theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce. So you can easily create online shop for selling your products. 11 different and awesome header styles are given with this pet wordpress theme. You can edit the colors and elements position of the headers as you wish. Using essential grid you can present entire contents of your website within highly customizable grid. Create most powerful contact form with optimal features by using the contact form 7 plug-in.  SEO friendly coding will help you website get best ranking on all search engines.  Six highly attractive gallery designs are ready to showcase your beautiful pet images for your viewers. Three charismatic team designs, service and pet slitter form with optimal fields are ready for you with this theme. Using the Mailchimp create successful email marketing campaign to elevate your products between the people.

  • Visual composer page builder coming with 100 + powerful elements will help you to create website with outstanding look in minutes.
  • Glorious blog page design with designed with variant types of styles (standard, list, grid, masonry) and multiple sidebars (right, left and both).
  • Revolution and layer sliders will help you to create catchy animations for presenting your texts and images with highly attractive look on sliders.
  • Using the shortcode generator, create any section of the website without keeping any shortcode in mind.
  • Child theme will safeguard your website changes, while you update the latest version of the theme.



Demo Details

2) Pet World ($49)

Pet World - Pet sitter and Pet Shop, Pet Services WordPress Theme

Pet world is a charismatic wordpress pet theme specially created for animal shelter, pet hotel, pet caretaker and similar websites. This also can be used for creating job directory website. $ 71 worth wordpress plug-ins (visual composer, slider revolution and ultimate add-on) is given for free. WooCommerce together with absorbing shop home page design is ready to create most user friendly shop on your website. This pet wordpress theme is coded with SEO friendly coding and supports famous SEO plug-ins (Yoast and All in SEO). So your website can easily get high ranking on Google and all famous search engines. Using Mailchimp, you can conduct successful email marketing campaign for elevating your products. With the contact form 7, create super contact form with powerful fields. Event calendar plug-in is added for creating and maintaining variant types of events on your websites.  There are four unique header styles given on this theme.There is most excellent filter options are given on this theme for filtering the pets by their categories. Gripping blog and gallery designs are the most special features of this theme.

This theme is added three captivating home page designs (home with shop, classic home page and pet sitter home) useful to create various pet sitter websites.

Visual composer together with ultimate add-on will help you to create awesome website by simply dragging and dropping pre made elements.

Modernistic pet sitter section and entrancing pet sitter detail page will present the pet sitters excellence in beautiful look.

Enthralling pet section and pet detail page is added for showcasing the pets and pet details with visual enticing way to your viewers.

A Powerful search form is enabled on this theme for finding out the best sitters and pets.



Demo Details

3) Pet Care ($64)

Pet Care | Grooming, Hotel, Hospital & Shop

Pet Care is top drawer wordpress pet theme coming with four attractive demos (grooming salon, pets hotel, pets hospital and online store), which helps you to create all kinds of pet websites. This theme is added $65 worth plug-ins (visual composer, revolution slider and po composer) for free of cost. Import the entire content of the demo to the website by clicking on the demo importer button. The visual composer page builder and short code builders are simplifying your website creation and customization work easier for you. Axiom emailer is allows you to simply create and edit the email lists. Child theme will preserve your website changes, when you update the latest version of the theme Using royal, flex, slider revolution and Swiper sliders, you can attract your viewers by creating visually arresting animation effects. Using bbPress create outstanding forum design to create great discussion with your customers. This pet wordpress theme is fully coded with SEO friendly coding and fully compatible with All on One SEO and yoast seo plug-ins. This theme is created with most beautiful set of colors.

  • Using the WP booking calendar plug-in, you can enable online booking system on your website for your customers to book the appointments from any device.
  • WooCommerce together with awesome shop demo will help you to create feature rich online stores.
  •  Appealing blog page with different styles (classic small, classic large and masonry) with multiple columns (two, three and four) is ready update your latest tips and advices for pets.
  • Enthralling gallery design with different styles (grid, grid alternative, classic and masonry) with multiple columns (two, three and four) is also coming with this theme.
  • The review and rating mechanism will help your viewers to share great comments about your services with ratings.



Demo Details

4) PetCare ($44)

PetCare Dog Kennels WordPress Theme

PetCare is a pleasing wordpress pet theme designed for creating dog boarding kennel and pet services industry websites. You can create your own pages on the website by dragging and dropping the elements. Select and add any color to your website easily with this theme. The parallax and CSS3 effects will give more beautiful look to your website. Using Contact form 7, create contact form with optimal fields to establish a nice contact with the viewers.

  • This theme is created using the bootstrap framework, so your website will fits perfectly on all hand held devices.



Demo Details

5) PetSitter ($59)

PetSitter - Job Board Responsive WordPress Theme

PetSitter is majestic wordpress pet theme, which can be also used for creating job board website. Impressive gallery design with multiple columns (two, three and four) will help you to show your pet’s image with most beautiful look. There are 40 + powerful shortcodes included with this theme. So you can easily customize your website pages by simply copying and pasting them.  This pet wordpress theme is created using the bootstrap, which makes your website perfectly fits on Mac, Laptop and kinds of devices. A most powerful front end submission form is given for the people to apply for the pet sitter jobs with detail information’s like skill set, location…

  • This theme is fully compatible with the WP job manager plug-in, using this plug-in create a most powerful job board website easily. This theme is also compatible with WP job manager add-on’s like Resume Manager, Job Alerts, Simple Paid Listing, WC Paid Listings, WP Job Manager Geolocation, Resume Manager Geolocation….
  • Add review, rating and comparison tables system on your website for the viewers to share their best rating and reviews by using the reviewer plug-in.
  • An elegant sitter page added with different styles (list and grid (two, three and four)) to present you sitter details.
  • Using pet sitter search form, the pet owners can easily find out the sitters for take carrying their pets. You can also enable pet form directly on the home page slider for make the searching easier for the viewers.



Demo Details

6) Pet Rescue ($59)

Pet Rescue - Animals & Shelter Charity WP Theme

Pet Rescue is an awesome wordpress pet theme especially created for animal shelters, wild life saving, fundraisers and other activism websites.This theme is fully compatible with WPML, so you can create website support multiple languages in the world. It will help you to cover the customers around the world. Create your own online shop page on your website using WooCommerce to sell pets products for the customers.  You can create both one page and multi page websites for your website using this theme by your wish. The lots of shortcodes included on this theme are working as best building blocks for creating your website. This theme is coded with SEO friendly coding to obtain best ranking on search engines. This pet wordpress theme is fully responsive and retina ready, so your website will perfectly suits on all devices. This visual content composer will help you to create, edit, add and rearrange your website sections as you want. Pleasing blog design with three different looks (standard, masonry and timeline) to write your best contents with enticing look to make your viewers to stick with your website.

  • The custom posts projects and portfolio will help you to create profile and work sections in seconds with visually impressive look.
  • Charismatic project is given for visualizing your works on two different styles (grid and puzzle) with multiple designs (large gap puzzle, 1 pixel gap puzzle, no gap puzzle).
  • This theme is fully compatible with the events calendar and events calendar pro plug-ins. Create and maintain most bewitching event lists on your website with these plug-ins. The events can be shown on  day, week, and month formats with map, venue, date….
  • The revolution and layer sliders are given free with this theme, so you can create mesmeric animations using this plug-ins to arrest your viewer’s eyes.
  • The custom form builder tool is helping you to create various forms like questionnaires, contact forms…



Demo Details

7) Pet Club ($59)

Pet Club - Services, Adoption, Dating &Community

Pet Club is an outstanding wordpress pet theme dog training classes, animal shelter, pet hotel and pet caretaker websites.  WooCommerce will help you to create an excellent online shop by your own to sell your products. Using essential grid, you can exhibit your website contents in a highly customizable grid. Events calendar compatibility will be useful to create and maintain events on your website. You can present your events in month, week and day formats with start and end date. Using revolution and Swiper sliders, create eye popping slider animations.  A-one blog design with two different styles (masonry and aside) is added for creating utmost blogs for presenting your articles. This theme is fully coded with SEO friendly coding.

  • Five superb home page designs (homepage default, homepage store, homepage pet walking, homepage hotel and homepage club) are useful to generate a great thought about your pet centers for your customers.
  • Visual composer and mega shortcode pack will help you to create pet website with adoptable section in minutes.
  • Five top notch gallery designs (Polaroids Gallery, Grid Alternative, (Classic Style, Grid Style and Masonry Style with multiple columns (two, three and four)) for demonstrating your pets images in high quality look.
  • Shortcode builder will help you to create and customize the website without memorizing any shortcode in your mind.



Demo Details

8) PetVet ($59)

PetVet | Vet Pet Responsive WordPress Theme

PetVet is a first rate wordpress pet theme suitable for pet, pet shop, veterinarian, clinic and similar websites. This theme is fully coded using the Bootstrap framework, so your website will perfectly suits for all Mac, Tab and all devices.  By using this plug-in you can mesmerize your viewers with wonderful animation effects. Three different veterinarian section is added with this theme. Slider revolution plug-in worth $ 19 is added on this theme for free.

  • Five splendid demos are ready to create your pet website with amazing look.
  • Visual composer with ultimate add-ons will make your website creation very easier.



Demo Details

9) PetPress ($39)

PetPress - A Pet Shop/Services Theme for WordPress

PetPress is awesome wordpress pet theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce, so you can create shop page with high quality features to create a great shopping experience to your customers.  Visual composer will help you to create your website with simple drag and drop operation. Slider revolution is added for creating visually stunning animations on your website. The (Visual composer, Slider revolution and Booked) are totally free. With contact form 7 and gravity form, create superb contact form on your website.

  • Using Booked plug-in, you can enable appointment booking system on the website for your clients to book appointment from any devices.



Demo Details

10) Rescue ($54)

Rescue - Animal Shelter Theme + Petfinder Support

Rescue is a most superb and utmost animal shelter theme.  It is a responsive and retina ready theme, which perfectly suits for Mac, Tab, Laptop and all types of devices. Three powerful custom widgets including a Business Hours and Location widget is added with this theme.  Using gravity form, create excellently working contact forms on you website. This plug-in allows you to integrate with third party plug-ins like PayPal, stripe….

  • With the pet finder API you can easily sync your pets from your petfinder profile to your WordPress website.
  • Simple Google Maps Short Code plug-in will help you to enable Google map on your any post or page.



Demo Details

11) Petta ($59)

Petta - Premium Pet Care WordPress Theme

Petta is a dazzling wordpress pet theme is especially created for pet care center, pet store and all pet related business venture websites. Visual composer is helping you to create and customize your website with simple drag and drop operation. Revolution slider is added for creating superb carousels and sliders for arrest the eyes of your viewers. There are eight header types and stick header is come along with this theme. Bootstrap framework is helping you to create highly responsive and mobile friendly website.

  • WooCommerce together with glorious shop page having multiple columns (two, three, four and five) is helping you to create formidable shop for your business.
  • Beautiful blog with two variant styles (inline, masonry) and multiple columns (one, two, three and four) is allows to create most outstanding blog on your website.
  • A well looking gallery with two styles (grid and masonry) is also added with this theme.
  • Visual Composer and Revolution slider plug-ins values $53 given for free of cost with this theme.
  • Petta child theme helps you to update the latest version without erasing your website changes.



Demo Details

12) Pet Shop Lovers ($59)

Pet Shop Lovers - Woo/eCommerce WP Theme

Pet Shop Lovers is a beauteous wordpress pet theme fully compatible with the WPML plug-in. So you can create multilingual website easily. This theme is fully responsive and retina ready, so your website can be viewed on all high resolution devices. Visual composer compatibility is helps you to design your website with optimal features in seconds. With this theme, you can create both one page and multi page pet website. Video support feature enable you to add multimedia files on your website. Beauteous blog design is given on this theme for sharing great tips and advices for the pets care with your clients. This pet wordpress theme is also supports masonry feature. There are most beautiful 400 font awesome icons included with this theme to give a most resplendent look for your website. SEO friendly coding will help you to obtain best ranking on Google.A fascinating gallery design with multiple columns (one, two and three) and masonry style is added for presenting your pet photos with highly attractive look.

  • You can download powerful plug-ins (waitlist, view360, catalog mode and size guide) cost $ 73 with this without paying extra money.
  • There are five elegant slider types (flex, video, parallax, full-width and kern burns) are ready to generate a most beautiful visual experience to your viewers.
  • Exquisite pricing tables are given for showcasing your variant pricing details and benefits to the clients.
  • WooCommerce with fine looking shop page is added for creating your shop page. Kern burns sliders are most useful to create dazzlingly beautiful appearance for your website.
  • Uber menu plug-in is allows you to create fantastic mega menu with predefined skins and 50 configurable settings.



Demo Details

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