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10 + Dazzling Premium WordPress Church Themes

The church websites have carved out an excellent place for them Online, because many people are interested in finding what happens in their churches. The churches are also interested to connect  with the people. So they are creating their own websites for explaining their goals and activities. The WordPress church themes come with more advanced features like events, sermons and donation gathering facilities for the church websites.

Because of this reason, the WordPress themes play a major role in church websites creation. The church websites have to be designed with the features which are exclusive for this niche.  Therefore, we have compiled this “10 + Dazzling Premium WordPress Church Themes” for the churches. These church themes surely would  give a great growth for your churches.

1) Heal ($59)


Heal Church & Charity WordPress Theme

Heal WordPress theme is making a first class church website with many great facilities. With the pricing tables, you can show the donation amount for the donors. The buddypress coming with this church WordPress theme will make your website as a user friendly theme to the viewers. This WordPress theme will surely give a best place in search engines with its SEO functioning. The WPML plug-in helps in designing your church website in many world languages.

SERMON MANAGER: The sermon pages of this WordPress church theme are showing the sermons in 1 and 2 column with sidebars. You can filter the results by the options like preacher, series, topic and book.

EVENTS: The events can be shown clearly for the people with this WordPress theme. You can show the events lists by the day, week and month. Also show the events photos in a separate page for the viewers. A perfect map page is given for finding the location of the event’s venue.

STAFF AND LEADERS: This page is showcasing the staff and leader details for the viewers. The staff and leader position added with the social links for contacting them are making way for the users to find more details about them.

SHORTCODE BUILDER: The Website sections creation is becoming simple with the shortcode builder. So you can add the shortcode for the section and save in the backend. The website section will be automatically created in the website.

BLOG: The blog pages are useful to show the news and other happenings in the church and things done by the church to the viewers. You can show the news within different kinds of blog pages in the website.

PORTFOLIO: This church theme portfolios are giving a new and fresh look for your church website. The attractiveness of your images are increased more with these portfolio pages. The website portfolios can be shown in any column type like 1, 2, 3, 4 with sidebars by your wish.

CONTACT FORM 7: The contact form 7 is useful creating a wonderful contact form for your website. This form is powered with the ajax submitting, so the form handling will be more easy for the users.

MAILCHIMP: The mailchimp is the most useful plug-in for running a successful email campaign. The website owners can send emails for as many mail ids as they wish. It will help you popularize your church to the people.

Demo Details

2) Church Suite ($59)


Church Suite - Responsive WordPress Theme

Church suite WordPress theme comes with superb retina ready display for showing your images very clearly to the viewers. The RTL helps in transferring the entire contents easily from right to left language format within seconds. Additionally, the WPML function is helping to transfer the website for many different languages of the world.

There are perfect seo options added with the WP theme for giving best ranking for your website in  Google. The MailChimp is helping you to send multiple emails for successful email marketing. By using the essential grid you can create you church website with a  perfect grid format. The testimonials are useful to share the words of the church member to the viewers. There are various types of team member styles given for your website.

SERMONS MANAGER: This church WordPress theme comes with the most advanced sermons page. With this page you can listen to audio, watch video, read and download the details very easily. You can show multiple number of sermons details using the archives. Browse the sermons with the category, tag, speaker, month, day and year very quickly.

EVENTS MANAGER: With this responsive church theme you can show multiple number of events to the users within a time table. You can also show the events with list and grid view for the viewers. This theme also helps to show the events with the entire details map, venue, register button….

CAUSE MANAGER: Visualizing the causes for the fund collection to the donors is very important to the users. So using the cause page show the causes with both grid and list view. In this page you can also show the reached levels of fund collection.

VISUAL COMPOSER: The visual composer is making the website creation easier to all kinds of people. You can simply create all kinds of sections with the operation of drag and drop. You will not a need any special knowledge for doing this work.

WOOCOMMERCE: This WordPress church theme works superbly with the WooCommerce plug-in. Creating an online market website becomes very simple with this theme. You can enable the latest features for running a successful shop for the users with this WordPress theme.

FORUMS: The forums are essential for initiating different types of discussions within the website. So this church theme helps in creating a first class discussion forum for you religious website with the bbpress.

CHILD THEME: The child themes are protecting changes created in the website by you from updating. You can do any kind of change within the child themes, so the changes will not be affect the main theme when updating  is carried out by the authors.

PORTFOLIO: The Portfolio is more important for showing many of the events and happenings  for the viewers. You can filter the results based on the particular topic by clicking the buttons. Your images will be shown more beautifully with the masonry style.

BLOG: The blog can be showed in list, grid, standard formats with left, right, both sidebars and full width formats. Additionally the blog can be shown with the timeline and masonry styles for the viewers.

CONTACT FORM 7: The contact form 7 is very important for creating a super website contact form. You can add multiple useful sections in the contact form for maintaining a good relationship with the church members using this premium WordPress theme.

Demo Details

3) Alms ($59)


Alms - Church & NGO Responsive WordPress Theme

With alms WordPress theme you can create your website sections easily with the help of the shortcode builder. You can add the full width image and video for inspiring the visitors towards your website. The quotes are very useful for highlighting the great words from the bible to the website visitors. The contact form 7 plug-in is making a terrific contact form for your website. The ALMS charity WordPress theme is most SEO friendly church theme.

WOOCOMMERCE: The WooCommerce is working fabulously with this church WordPress theme. The Website owners can design user friendly shop pages in their website using this theme. Every option needed for an online shop is given with this WordPress theme.

SERMONS: This theme is taking the sermons page in the website to the next level. In a single page you can find about the different sermon details using the sorting options given in the top. The viewers can share their beautiful thoughts with the comment form in the sermon detail page.

EVENTS: This WordPress church theme is listing out your church events perfectly to the members and visitors. The events can be listed and viewed for a day, week, month… by clicking a drop down menu options.

BUDDYPRESS: Using this church theme, build your own website with the facilities like member profiles, activity streams, user groups… These features will give a wonderful experience to the visitors when accessing the website.

WPML: This WordPress theme is helping your website to go truly global as more people would be able to see your site in their languages. The WPML plug-in helps in translating your website for many types languages very easily without any hard work.

BLOG: Blog section of this theme is created with more unique look and advance features added for the blog. With this theme blog section, the website owners can add videos and audios in the blog. So the visitors will be interested to view their church website.

PORTFOLIO: This theme’s portfolio section offers several types of portfolios for your church websites. You can create portfolio sections with beautiful animations to catch the eyes of your visitors. You can add the donate now button and recent tweets in the portfolio page.

Demo Details

4) Grace ($49)


Grace - Church & Religion WordPress Theme

The Grace church WordPress theme’s home page is made with a superb Google map, so the viewers can easily find the church location very quickly. The essential grid helps the website owners to show the website contents in a perfect grid. The SEO options coming with the theme makes your website outstanding in the ranking process. Short code builder is helping you to create any section of the website within a few clicks.

VISUAL COMPOSER: The page creation work is become very easier with the visual composer in the church theme. Anyone can easily create their church website with the simple actions in their backend using page builder. Within seconds the website sections will be created for you using this visual composer page builder.

WPML: The WPML plug-in is more important for converting the website to any language in the world. You can transfer the contents to the any language format within few seconds. So you can spread your best messages, ideas and thoughts to many countries of the world.

EVENTS CALENDAR: The events can be viewed in the time line format with this responsive wordpress church theme. You can add speaker details with the events page using this theme. This time table will be more useful for finding the events for many months very fast within a short time.

TEAM PAGE: The team page is useful for showing the list of team members to the viewers. Additionally, you can show the entire details of the team members to the viewers with the team member detail page.

GALLERY: The Gallery is more useful to show your religious activities to the users. In this church theme, you can show your photos with the different formats like masonry, cobbles and grid format. So your users will be attracted very easily towards you.

Demo Details

5) Church and Events ($59)


Church and Events - Responsive WordPress Theme

Church and Events WordPress theme is coming with an awesome sidebar manager for creating sidebars for your web pages quickly. The event plug-in is helping you to create events within different formats like month, map, list and day. The Newsletter facility is helping you to send detailed email about the new events and campaigns to your viewers. The visual composer is making your church page creation simpler than other wordpress themes. The WPML plug-in added with this theme will translate your church website for multiple languages.

BBPRESS: This church wordpress theme functions well with the bbpress plug-in. So your users can work with the forums very easily. With these facilities you can ensure meaningful discussions between the church members.

WOOCOMMERCE: This WP theme is giving coolest and latest features of the WooCommerce for your church website. So you can create an exclusive store page with your website. All kinds of facilities will be available for the users in your shop page.

DONATION: There is a superb working responsive donation form designed with this theme for your website. You can collect more useful information of the donors by using this donation form. The paypal system is superbly working with this donation form for a secured payment transaction.

SERMONS: The sermons page created outstandingly with this premium theme for the churches. You can insert the audio, video and documents in the sermon page for the church members. So the sermons details can be easily reached by every member of the church.

CHILD THEME: The premium church theme is saving every change created by the website owners from updating of theme. So you can make every change in the child themes given with this church theme. At the time of updating the child themes will protect the changes.

SEO FRIENDLY: Every website owners will be interested to reach a great position in the Google search engine. So this theme created as more SEO friendly for the website owners. By using this theme you can take your church website for a good ranking in the Google search.

GIVING PAGE: Giving page is a best thing coming from this WordPress church theme. You can add your bank account details for the donors in this page. You can also create donation tables for different kind of people for getting the donations.

GALLERY: Gallery page would be displayed in various types of looks in this theme. You can show your photos with masonry, full screen, 1 column styles in the website for catching the viewer’s eyes.

BLOG: Blogs are very useful for showing the current news and happenings in the church. In this WP church theme, you can post the news in newspaper, list and grid views for the church members.

Demo Details

6) Adore Church ($59)


Adore Church - Responsive WordPress Theme

In Adore Church WordPress theme the viewers can view the updates as it happens in the website gallery directly from the home page. Retina ready will take out the struggles in viewing the images, so your websites will look cooler than other websites. Create your own online shop with the WooCommerce plug-in that is built in with this theme. With the bb press plug-in, creation of form become very easy with this theme.

BOOTSTRAP: This church theme is looking responsive with all kinds of devices. Because this theme is created with the responsive frame work Bootstrap for taking your website to more number of people in the world.

PAGE BUILDER: This page builder is creating the websites within minutes with the simple operation of drag and drop. So you can create your website in any look based on your idea within minutes. You have to simply drag and drop and create any section by your hands.

RTL: The RTL facility is making your website language conversion for Arabic and other RTL languages as a piece of cake. So the Website can be translated in to the Arabic languages within a short span of time without any issues.

EVENTS: Adore church theme comes with the events calendar page with events preview facility. An events counter created with the home page for showing the time for the next event. With that a register button available for booking ticket for the events in the home page.

MEGA MENU: In the mega menu you can add menu links for helping your visitors to get the results very quickly. You can also add the contents and videos in the drop down mega menu.

Demo Details

7) NativeChurch ($49)


NativeChurch - Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

Native Church theme developed with a gallery page having facilities to show images in the formats like pagination and masonry. You can also get the exact results with the filtering facilities available with this WordPress theme. The WPML functionality is easily changing your websites for several languages. The events are useful for the users to find them with all kind of details. This WordPress church theme works more superbly with the SEO functioning.

BOOTSTRAP: The bootstrap is most powerful responsive framework making your website as matching with all types of latest devices. So your church website will be work fine with all types of devices and take you to all kinds of peoples.

PRAYER WALL: The Prayer wall is helping to post the prayers of the people in this website. With this facility the members can share their prayers with other church members through the church website.

SERMONS: Sermons are very important for the church websites, so this church WordPress theme coming with options like speakers, categories and tags for filtering the results exactly. The viewers can see the videos and hear audio in the church theme. Within the single sermon page, the viewers can add comments about the sermon.

CAUSES: The causes page is helping the churches to explain the reasons and showing the donation reached level. The donors can give the donation directly in the causes page with the donation button.

MEGA MENU: This WordPress theme coming with the drop down mega menu facility for showing your news, events and videos to the users. So the users will know about your specialty of your churches at the starting of the website.

RETINA READY: NativeChurch WordPress theme is designed with the retina ready facility. With this facility the users will not have problem in viewing the images of your church website.

FORUM: Do you want to know the thoughts of the members about the church website activities? Well, this church theme will help you to create a cool forum for the member’s discussion. With this forum you can find out your members thoughts.

 WOOCOMMERCE: If you want to create shop with your website, this theme enable to you do that.  You can create a perfect shop page with the help of the WooCommerce coming with this WordPress theme. The shop page created with this theme will surely give a wonderful experience to the users.

Demo Details

8) Kause ($64)


Kause - Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

The Kause church wordpress theme is coming with the retina ready feature for showing the website in a eye catching look. The timeline is helping to show the blogs based on the date publishing and you can show many posts with the load more button. This theme’s blog section created with more advanced blog facilities like full width blog, boxed blog, and blog with sidebar… The WooCommerce is giving best number of features for constructing a superb shop page for selling your products in your church website.

GALLERY: Gallery is a very important page needed for the church website for conveying the most precious moments with their members. This church theme developed with different kinds of galleries like isotope gallery, singles gallery and slider galleries. In this theme, you can also separately add the audio and videos in a portfolio page specially created for them.

WPML: The church websites need to have visitors from different countries. So the churches will be interested in creating their websites in as many different languages. This WordPress church theme will help you to make your websites in different languages with the help of the WPML plug-in.

PAGE BUILDER: Even a person without any knowledge about the website coding,  can create websites using this WordPress theme. The page builder coming with this theme will give you all things needed for building a perfect website. You can just drag and drop the premade blocks and create your church website by your idea.

BBPRESS: The Forum creation is more important for a church website for making  a wonderful relationship with the members. This WordPress church theme is creating a coolest website forum for your website with bbpress. So you can easily maintain a nice relation with the members.

BUDDYPRESS: The buddypress  helps in giving a church website have all types of features in a community network.  So the members will be more interested to access your website. There will be huge traffic that will be happen with this feature in your website.

EVENTS: The events calendar added with this WordPress theme is showcasing entire details of the events going to be conducted by you. With this you can also give the details of the events with a nice description in the single event page.

SEO: The Google page ranking is very important for every website online. So this WordPress theme is developed with all the SEO options for the Websites and can easily be assessed for higher page ranking by Google.

MAILCHIMP: The church website will need this mailchimp facility to be connected with their members around the world. The email ids of the members will be collected and the messages about the church events will be sent to them using emails. You can send email for many peoples in a single time using this WordPress theme.

Demo Details

9) Bethlehem ($59)


Bethlehem - Church WordPress Theme

The Bethlehem Church WordPress theme works well with the visual composer plug-in. With this page builder plug-in, the websites for the churches can be created very easily than other themes. This church theme also works perfectly with the WPML for making your church website in many languages. The events pages are giving full details about the events for the peoples. With the testimonials plug-in you can create a donation messages with the carousel style. The Schema markup added with this WordPress theme is powering your website for reaching higher ranks in Google very quickly.

MEGA MENU: This WordPress church theme is showing your image about the activity and sub menu links in the header section with the mega menu. So you church website will be very easy to use for the people.

SERMONS: The sermons are very important for the churches. So this WordPress theme coming with an excellent sermon page for visualizing you sermon details for the members.

MINISITRY: The ministry pages are created for helping the churches to show the faith expressed activities details for every person. With this WordPress theme you can create pages like prayers, senior, music, women…

DONATION: The donation page created with this church theme helps to show the donation collecting reasons to the people. You can add a donate button also in this page for the donors.

Demo Details

10) Real Church ($54)


Real Church - Responsive Retina Ready Theme

Real Church WordPress theme comes with the SEO options matching the church website. In this WordPress church theme, the events are looking more beautifully and attracting the people. With this the retina ready feature, adding more beauty to your church website is simple.

SERMONS: This WordPress theme is adding more gorgeous sermon page with the audio, video facilities to your church website. With this you can add your words and attract the people for sermons in the sermon post page.

PASTORS: The Pastors are the soul of the churches so this theme is created with an exclusive pastor page. In this page, you can add the image, details and social links of the pastors, for the people to view.

PAGE BUILDER: This WordPress theme is makes your page creation work easier with the visual composer. You can create your own church website within minutes without anyone’s help.

FAQ: The people will have many doubts about the bible words. The pastors can add the set of questions asked by the people repeatedly in the faq section. So people will easily find the answers for their question without wasting their time.

Demo Details

11) Forgiven ($59)


Forgiven - A WordPress Theme for Churches

This WordPress church theme is giving a most cool shop page for selling your products with WooCommerce support. The envira gallery is helping to present the images in a most tremendous look. The website creation using this church theme is a piece of cake with the visual composer in this theme.

CONTACT FORM 7: The contact form 7 plug-in is very important for making an exceptional contact form for you website. You can add all the needed fields in the contact form of the website.

EVENT: The events are conducted by the churches for particular reasons. In this theme, you can show your upcoming events in the list format for the people.

SERMONS: The sermons can be shown better with this WordPress church theme. These sermons pages are allowing you to hear the audios and save the audio and PDF of the sermons. You can also show the sermons with speaker details in the website.

Demo Details

12) Blessing ($49)


Blessing | Church WordPress Theme

The Blessing WordPress theme comes with many custom widgets for adding more power to your church website. The contact form constructor is helping you to make a direct a connection with the people. The mail subscriber is giving you the mail subscriber details for you. With them you can easily conduct the email marketing.

TESTIMONIALS: The church members are more interested to share their thoughts about the church. The testimonials will show their comments to the people through the website.

PORTFOLIO: The Portfolio sections are creating a best mind set for the people about your church. This theme has added many different portfolio pages like pages with left and right sidebars. They can be viewed in 1, 2 and 3 columns.

FAQ: The FAQ is more useful for giving answers for the people’s question about the religion. You can add important questions and answers in the FAQ section for the members. So they can easily resolve their doubts.

Demo Details

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