Walker & stick theme - Old haven theme review.

Walker & stick theme – Old haven theme review.

Walker & stick theme - Old haven theme review.

Old times are good . Isn’t it? So , do having  old age related products too. Do you like the bygone eras? With the Walker & Stick theme – Old Haven theme, you’re going to love it! Take a trip down memory lane and lose yourself in the nostalgia of bygone eras.

What’s beauty with the walker & stick theme facet?

Walker & stick theme

This theme’s beauty is in its capacity to take us back to a time when charm and simplicity were valued above all else. Old Haven embodies the spirit of a bygone period and brings it to life in the digital realm with its vintage-inspired design components.

But this motify has a more utilitarian aspect as well as an aesthetic one. The Old Haven concept might be a game-changer for people searching for goods or services that are geared toward senior citizens. It offers a chance to present age-related goods and services in a sophisticated and fashionable manner.

Therefore, this theme might be your ideal partner whether you’re running an internet business selling antiques or providing senior elders with specialised services. While giving your website visitors all the current conveniences they require, give them a flavour of the good old days.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to embrace the enchantment and charm of the past. Try using the Walker & Stick – Old Haven theme right now to take your audience on a historical tour!

What are the unique features of this walker and stick theme?

The Walker & stick theme has astonishing features to look at.

Such as 

  • Ease drag and drop feature that makes it very simple to create a page.
  • Predefined template pages for you to help out to go on a number of pages with the same design.
  • Mega menu – with drop down option enabled.
  • Aesthetically enhanced design aspects.
  • Ajax filter , ajax wishlist.
  • Powerful backend .
  • Exciting animations , coded with javascript, jquery library , css 3 and html 5 , these templates would be very much suitable for your narrow target audience.
  • Seo optimised.
  • Mobile friendly features such as optimised codes to make it compatible for mobile devices as well as for over all browsers.

Why do I need to prefer the walker & stick theme?

  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Unique design that catches the  eye of old heroes.
  • Comes with latest shopify 2.0.
  • Hover effects give your website a rich feel.
  • Increase in conversion rate – as there is necessary ecommerce functionality and features.  So , users would engage more on your website. Well, which in turn aids you to grab more conversion into potential customers.
  • Dynamic options while customers enter checkout options.
  • Newsletter pop-up, product label for sale.These things attract customers and enhance your site’s appealing aspects.

How to download the Oldhaven template?

It’s very easy to download the Old Haven Stick & Walker theme.

  • Just go to the themeforest official website.
  • At the next step, you can just search for “oldhaven design themes” in the search bar available.
  • Then, you can have a preview of the theme.

To have a preview of this stick theme, just click the button below.

You can check for the said features in this blog content.

After doing so,  go for the “Add to Cart” process. Use the comeback breadcrumbs to visit the theme product page.

  • Now, it’s time to move on to the checkout page. There would be default 6 months support.
Walker & stick theme

You can also go for extended support if wanted. Then give necessary details on the checkout page. You can download the zip file once the payment confirmation is done.

How to add a walker & stick shopify  theme into the shopify store ?

Please contact their support staff for assistance if you run into any problems during this process or need more help tweaking any particular theme elements.

When you are satisfied with how your chosen Walker & Stick Shopify Theme looks modified and you have given it a full test run, it’s time to put it live on your store so that customers can browse around.

In order to use the Walker & Stick Shopify Theme that you have purchased with your goods and content:

  • Enter the Shopify admin panel and log in.
  •  Click the “Online Store” link and choose “Themes.”
  • Select “Upload theme” from the menu.
  •  Choose the primary theme file (sometimes denoted by a “.zip” extension) from the place where you saved the extracted theme files on your computer.
  •  Shopify will ask you to confirm that you wish to replace your current live theme with a new one when your upload is successful. Then select “Publish as my shop’s theme.”

These instructions will help you properly incorporate your Walker & Stick Shopify theme into your Shopify store, giving visitors to your website a better visual experience.

Always have a backup copy of your prior theme on hand in case you need to undo any modifications or consult it later.

Continue to maximise the potential of your e-commerce endeavour by enjoying discovering the possibilities of this new Walker & Stick Shopify Template!

Walker & stick theme – Old haven theme review.

Conclusive statement.

Well, to give a conclusive say , I can say that this would be a better template to explore. Oldhaven walker & stick themes have greater features that would blend with your organisation requirements.   

Having said that, this theme has astonishing features. Well, it makes this a very suitable one.

To download it just click the below “ BUY NOW” button.

Walker & stick theme

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