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Spa Lab Theme Comes As a Giveaway For 3 Lucky Winners!

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Spa Lab theme free!

Welcome to Spa Lab theme!

You will be on cloud nine to know you can get Spa Lab theme free!

Yes, we are serious!

Read on…

Spa Lab is our flagship theme- a handcrafted beauty for your salon or your beauty parlors.

Spa Lab theme comes to you free if you hurry and qualify for the giveaway by doing 3 simple things such as Comment, Tweet and Like! Simple right? Read on…

Whatever be your service, whether it is facials and makeup, rejuvenation centers, or other health and beauty businesses, you can’t afford to miss this chance!

All you have to do is Comment, Tweet and Like!

That is it!

  1. COMMENT ON SPA Lab theme – Comment in this blog about  Spa Lab theme and what kind of site you would like to build if you are selected as the lucky winner.
  2. TWEET– “# SpaLab-the facials & makeup theme is an expressive theme for beauty parlors offering facials, makeup, eye mascara and lip gloss besides massage therapies.
    Download now!”
  3. LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE –  Go to the Iamdesigning page and share your like.

It is quite simple, right?

Hurry and complete it.  The lucky 3 winners will get a link to download the theme!
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Spa Lab WordPress Theme

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Key Features of Spa Lab

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Header styles:

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SpaLab offers more than 12 header types which will add variety to your website. Design and modify your site in as many different ways as possible and impress your customers.
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SpaLab comes with the awesome pagebuilder using which you can easily design your pages like a pro in no time. Coupled with shortcodes generator, you will become as good a designer as the best!
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Gift Card Facility:

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Let us face it…not all the themes have this feature! You can decide the amount of the gift and design the card.  Send to your users and prospects for claiming or redeeming it.

A very novel method that could be used in winning them over to your side!

You can download it free, if you become one among the three winners!

Just, Comment, Tweet and Like and qualify for the Contest.

Good luck to your!

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