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12 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes

Real estate WordPress themes show the way to succeed by creating inspiring themes enhancing your enterprises to reach out to both the sellers & buyers…

A mindboggling $ 1 trillion is to enter global real estate markets. Global Real estate investments have been growing exponentially in the last 5 year period. As compared to 2015, it is growing by 6% in 2016 according to the CBRE-global investor intentions survey  2016 .

When there is so much growth happening in the real estate industry, the prospects look bright for all the people in the real estate industry. With the advent of many advanced tools in the real estate industry such MLS   for the US and the Indian counterpart  India MLS.com  and RealEstate India .com   and other multiple listing services in India, the real estate scenario is poised to take off in a big way.

People are well informed nowadays and very tech savvy also. They want to test and check everything before they embark on any major investments in real estate.

If you want to succeed in the real estate business, use the latest tools and technology to support your efforts.  Real estate WordPress themes  show you a sure way to succeed. There are many  gorgeous looking website themes with the latest features and Plugins for your real estate business.

These WordPress real estate themes  come with the most advanced features related to this business as pointed out. You will get a unique and trendy website with several of the latest features for your real estate companies. There are hundreds of real estate WordPress themes released in the market every day.

We want to share with you “12  Best Real Estate WordPress Themes” showcasing the latest real estate themes for your discerning view and selection. Choose the best theme without further ado.

1) Tanj Construction

Welcome to Tanj Builder theme, a builders theme for construction companies, architects, builders and projects, real estate property developers and housing companies. Tanj Builder theme gives substance to your dream to make it real! Tanj Builder offers a simple WordPress Plugin called Designthemes Core Features Plugin designed to implement core features of DesignThemes. The power of Visual Composer is integrated into Tanj Builders theme. Create pages quickly with few clicks in few minutes with the help of Visual Composer and custom Tanj Builders theme shortcodes. Also, WooCommerce is available in this theme which is a free eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell anything, beautifully. The shortcodes are very easy to generate and the map is very easy to use. The Wishlist options make your shopping easier.

2) Real Property

Real Property is a tremendous real estate wordpress theme created with 20 beautiful flat colors. This real estate theme is fully supporting to the WPML, so you can create website in multiple languages. The users can add the property details using the Meta boxes at the backend. There are best short codes used for creating sections related to the real estate websites.

ADVANCED SEARCH OPTIONS: Real property theme created with clear searching options to help the people for searching the properties with any confusion. These options are giving the perfect results for the users. You can add or edit this search options in the website as you wish.

GOOGLE MAP WITH LOCATION MARKERS: This wordpress real estate theme coming with a most advanced Google map with location markers. Using these location markers anyone can find the places very easily.

PROPERTY COLUMN MANAGEMENT: The properties can be listed with different column layout styles in this theme. So you can list the properties in various column styles like 1 column, 2 columns…

IMAGE AND VIDEO SUPPORT: Property page is the main part of the real estate website. For that this theme giving options for adding images and videos in the property page of the website. So you can add any type of posts for the property page.

FRONT END PROPERTY SUBMIT AND EDIT: The visitors to your site who want to sell their property could enlist their property by providing the details in the form and submit. Using the frontend dashboard features, submit your property for sale and edit them as and when needed. You can view your submitted property listing and check for status change.

BUDDY PRESS: This powerful plugin is for creating groups within your site, by enrolling members and creating member profiles and activity streams and messaging to run any kind of social network on WordPress. This provides features letting your members socially interact with each other.

PROPERTIES PAGE: Property Page features the different types of property images displaying in Gallery or sliders.  Shortcodes could be used as well to create various elements. There are various types of properties listings such as recent properties, featured properties, property features section, property location on map, property agent information, property tour video section and Ajax Based Contact Form.

3) RealEstate

RealEstate wordpress theme designed with excellent website layout and amazing features. This theme supports DSIDXPRESS for indexing the perfect results for the searches. Mega menu comes with this theme for creating a drop down space for your marketing. The users can be converted to any color matching to the real estate business. There are 20 predefined colors are coming with this theme.

FRONT END PROPERTY SUBMISSION:  The sellers can add their selling properties in the website using the front end submission. There are very simple options available at the front end for making the submission works easy.

ADVANCED PROPERTY SEARCH:  There are advanced search options are given for finding the results. You can add or edit the search options in the website by your wish.

PAGE BULIDER: The page builder is the best feature coming with this real estate theme. By using this wordpress theme you can create all type pages related to the website. You can do this work with pre build blocks in the backend.

SEO: This wordpress theme created with best options for creating a SEO ranking website. This wordpress theme is given more importance for the content hierarchy. Famous yoast plug-in added with this wordpress real estate theme.

WPML: RealEstate theme is WPML Compatible. This means that Localization of your services is possible in different languages! Multilingual Real Estate Theme is compatible with WPML plugin. Create your site in multiple languages and reach out to more people!( .po and .mo files are included in the download pack.)

SHORT CODE BUILDER: Using the Shortcodes builder gives you so much variety in designing your page layouts. Add any element or module you want in any part of the website. Use your creativity and design your pages!

CHILD THEME: The reason the child theme is used: If you modify a theme directly and update it, then your modifications may be lost. By using a child theme you will ensure that your modifications are preserved. This theme comes with child theme so that without fearing loss of data in the parent theme, you could update the theme. All the changes will be preserved in the parent theme.

4) Javo Home

Javo Home real estate wordpress theme is coming with fast loading and huge data support. You can upload images to the website very simply using the ajax uploading. This real estate theme included advanced premium plug-ins like revolution slider and visual composer for free. The users visiting the portfolio can see the exact results by using the filter options without wasting the time.

ADVANCED GOOGLE MAP: This wordpress real estate theme included most advanced Google map. With this Google map you can filter the results up to 50 Km of surroundings. Ajax easy live is searching giving the clearest results for you.

DIFFERENT NAVIGATION TYPES: Javo Home created with three different navigation types for the website. These navigation types (1Row, 2 Rows, 2Rows – Transparent) giving most beautiful experience to the users.

MOBILE SEARCH FORM: People are interested to search everything through mobile in this internet world. So this theme created a search form perfectly working with the mobiles. You can easily handle and get the results easily through this search form.

BOOTSTRAP: Built in Bootstrap 3 with HTML & CSS with JS, Javo Home is responsive and retina ready loading in any device quickly. The screen resolutions of different types displays the images in a crystal clear way.

MAP FILTER PAGES: Advanced Map functions with Google maps professional support is provided. You can display the items for sale in map using the filter status for sale or rent. Family home, building, Wi-Fi, parking, location are the filters that could be set the results will be displayed in the map accordingly.

VISUAL COMPOSER: Javo Home comes with these Advanced Plugins such as Visual composer $34, Revolution Slider $ 19, Ultimate Visual Composer Addons $18. You will save $71! Using the Visual Composer plugin in the theme, you would be able to design your pages like a professional!

5) DreamVilla

DreamVilla wordpress real estate theme created with HTML5 and CSS3 coding. These themes options are making your website customization work very easy. This real estate theme’s mobile version is working with the superb swap menu technology. Lots of short codes included with the theme for making your works simple.

RTL SUPPORT: This theme supports very well with the RTL (right to left) content format. So you can change the website for the right to left languages within minutes.

GOOGLE MAP:  The Google map functions well with this wordpress theme. All the nearer locations can be found easily  with this map.

MULTIPLE HOME PAGES: Dream Villa theme created with gorgeous home page designs for the users. It contains both one page and multipage versions with all sections needed for a website.

WPML: DreamVilla is compatible with WPML plugin as well as RTL support. Translation ready makes DreamVilla a truly global site, as  you can reach out to any number of people including right to left languages. Go global with DreamVilla!

RETINA READY: DreamVilla is a responsive and retina ready theme that makes it load in any device real fast.  Regardless of the screen resolution, the images are displayed in a crystal clear fashion making this theme an attractive visual treat.

FLOOR PLANS PAGE: This floor plan gives the layout of the plan of the floors in 3D view! You could view the floor, kitchen, ground floor and master bedroom in a clear manner.

6) WP Rentals

WP Rentals real estate wordpress theme created with responsive framework bootstrap 3. You can register and add your properties in the frontend of the website. This real estate theme supports much number of languages in the world. The users can set the price per day or for a long term in the website.

DIFFERENT HEADERS: Headers ate the first sections arriving in the website for the viewers. For that WP rentals created with four different types of headers for attracting the viewers. So you can use any type of header for the website as you please.

MULTIPLE CURRENCIES: The WP rentals is supporting multiple number of currencies. With this theme you can get payment in any type country’s money in the world.

RESERVATION AND BOOKING: The viewers can reserve or book the properties suits for them through the website. So they never miss the property for any cause.

PAYPAL AND STRIPE: For confirmed bookings or publishing new properties, payments can be accepted using these gateways. Both PayPal and Stripe are online payment gateways that are very popular and trustworthy.

RETINA READY: WP Rentals is a retina ready theme satisfying the settings for the retina ready screens.  Regardless of the screen resolution, the theme looks awesome in any device and loads very fast as it is responsive as well.

WPML: This theme is compatible with the multilingual plugin so that you can easily translate your pages to any language of your choice. Reach out to more people speaking different languages using WP Rentals!

7) Zoner

Zoner WordPress real estate theme created with 19 different header variations and 8 color schemes. The users registered for the property can check out with the compare list to select the best property. Famous money transfer gateways paypal and stripe added with this real estate wordpress theme.

PAGE BUILDER: The page builder creating any type of web page in the website within seconds. So the users can simply create any page in the website.

DIFFERENT HOME PAGES: This theme containing 15 creatively designed home page designs for the different kinds of designers. So they can create websites with different and stylish look.

TRANSLATION READY: Zoner theme added .po and .mo files for the language transition. With these files you can change the website for your native language.

OPENSTREETMAP SUPPORT: OpenStreetMap is an initiative by a nonprofit foundation from UK. Their aim is to enable the free usage and development of geospatial data. Zoner enables the formidable combination of Google map with styling and OpenStreetMap to suit your website  design.

DSIDXPRESS: By using the MLS multi listing service, you can embed live real estate data into a blog. Using dsiDXpress IDX plugin in combination with the shortcodes and widgets, you would be able to embed the live real estate listings in blog posts and pages. However, you need to have a dsIDXpress account to use this plugin.

PRICING PAGES: Using a 4 column pricing table, display the various services in your website and make an attractive package offer to your customers.

8) Solus

Solus is a fully responsive real estate wordpress theme coming with unlimited color schemes. This theme constructed with the HTML5 boilerplate, so you can create a future proof website. A detailed documentation is clearing the all doubts about the wordpress theme.

RETINA SUPPORT: This wordpress real estate theme created using the retina ready frame work. This frame work giving a perfect visual for the website. So the users can see the website without any struggle for a particular distance.

VIDEO DOCUMENTATION: Videos gives best results than the word documentation, so these theme developers created a detail video documentation for the users.

COLOR CUSTOMIZING: Color customizing is very easier with this solus theme. You can change the website to any color using with this theme.

FAQ: The FAQ Page takes care of the routine questions concerning the real estate business. When the basic definitions and concepts are explained in the FAQ page, the user will be very satisfied with the theme. Any further queries could be easily handled by the support team.

BROWSER COMPATIBLE: This theme loads fast in any browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, safari and opera.  Compatible with the major browsers.

9) Real Places

Real Places is one of the best real estate WordPress themes to be released recently. The design is purposeful and customizable at the same time. Because everyone thinks differently, there is a need to customize according to their style and preference.  Check out more here!

GOOGLE MAP WITH PROPERTY MARKERS: Real Places includes Google map support enabling the display of Google map with properties markers on the following pages namely home page, property display  page, search results page, contact page and taxonomy archive pages.

DRAG AND DROP LAYOUT MANAGER FOR HOME: The drag and drop layout manager for home page would become handy in order to show or hide the home page. You can arrange the home page modules in any order you desire.

VISUAL COMPOSER: By using the Visual Composer, you could also make changes in home page contents module or add customized contents to home page. Build different custom page layouts to any section of the website.

WPML: Real Places real estate WordPress theme is translation ready as such and you would be able to translate it to any one language without a plugin! However, for a Multilanguage website, you could go for a WPML plugin which is compatible with this theme.

DSIDXPRESS PLUGIN: Using dsiDXpress IDX plugin, you would be able to embed the live real estate listings in blog posts and pages using shortcodes and widgets. Once done, using the MLS multi listing service you can embed live real estate data into a blog.  However, you need to have a dsIDXpress account to use this plugin.

FRONT END PROPERTY SUBMIT: This WordPress real estate theme supports the submission of the properties for sale or rent from the front end. Before doing that the user has to register, create a login and password which will enable him to post properties in the site. You can easily configure front end property submit and edit functionality in this theme to enable your website members to submit a property. A registered user will be able to view a list of properties submitted and he can edit, remove or pay the publishing fee of a property from that list.

PAYPAL: PayPal integration with the theme makes it easy to collect payments for submitted properties.  The publishing fee for the property submission could be collected through the well known payment gateway.

CHILD THEME: Inclusion of child theme solves the issue of losing data due to updating. Make any changes you want and update without fear of losing data with the child theme inclusion.

ADVANCED PROPERTY SEARCH: With advanced properties search functionality you have a powerful and  customizable tool to take care of any requirements. For example, fields can be chosen for display in a particular order and decide on the fields and  data to be displayed in those fields. Display multiple location fields like State > City > Area. Filter the price related fields and decide how the properties search results page looks like and how many properties need to be displayed and the sorting order too!

BOOTSTRAP: Designed in Bootstrap with HTML5 & CSS3 with JS, the theme is retina ready and responsive so loading quick and fast in any device of any screen resolution such as tablets, laptops or PCs.

AGENTS PAGE: Real estate agents are the main movers of the real estate business. They can be displayed in 3 different layouts of 2,3 and 4 columns. Their phone numbers, images and contact details about the agents could be displayed. Clicking on view profile, you would be able to see more details of the agent and his credentials with a form for submission to contact him.

PROPERTIES: The property page could be designed in 3 variations each one having a unique feature. Much like the wish list, a user can add a particular property to his favorite properties from where the registered user can add a property to his favorite properties or remove it.  The property page is inclusive of a map, search and with a layer slider displaying the  images of the property in a riveting way.

10) WP Residence

WP Residence is a Premium Real Estate theme designed for real estate agencies, individual agents and others. Sporting a very user friendly design, WP Residence is a clean and cool theme.

VISUAL COMPOSER: The amazing pagebuilder with the drag and drop features of Visual Composer worth $30 value integrated into this WP Residence theme. Using which designing unlimited no of page layouts is possible without coding!

PAYPAL AND STRIPE: PayPal is a worldwide online payment gateway system to send and receive money safely and make online payments from your website. Very widely used by the website payment gateways. Stripe is another successful online payment processing gateway for convenient handling of sales and payments over the websites.

RESPONSIVE AND RETINA READY: This theme is 100% responsive and retina ready so that screen resolution of any size displays the images beautifully.  Equally fast in loading in any device such as tablet, laptop or PC.

GOOGLE MAP AS ITS BEST: This WordPress real estate theme comes with amazing functionalities of the Google Maps with property location markers.

GEO LOCATION: Using your Geolocation, Ajax filtering and search over map, custom pins and spiderfy, the search for the property could be filtered admirably. Spiderfy for pins in the same location on Google Maps , The Google Maps Pin reading system from FILE for improved speed for those with thousands of listings on the map. Google Maps API integrated with distinctive pins which you can upload from Admin.  Choose between Terrain, Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid as default display.  The user in front end can choose to switch the display from map controls.  Snazzy Maps style for Google Maps (style the map colors as you wish).

You could check these demos as well for more clarity:  See demo with 2500 listings here – http://demo3.wpresidence.net/

Help – http://help.wpresidence.net/#!/snazzy

RTL READY: This Real estate WordPress theme is ready to support the right to left languages. Using this feature, you can easily display your posts and pages in other RTL languages easily.

WPML: Being compatible with this plugin makes this theme a universal favorite as you could have your site translated into a any language of your choice.

CONTACT FORM 7: Using the contact form 7 plugin, design as many forms as your needs dictate, customizing the fields to suit  your requirements. These forms are seamlessly integrated into the newsletter Plugin for further actions like email marketing campaigns.

MULTI CURRENCY OPTION: You can set multiple currency price settings in Theme Options. Select whatever multi-currencies you wish to display. Multiple Currency widget option are then synced with Yahoo API for setting conversion values of your native currency.  Also included automatic multi currency conversion values synced with Yahoo API that were set through a daily cron which looks for latest conversion values once a day.

PROPERTIES: Properties come in standard list and half map list. The property page  with agent sidebar, header image, map header, slider header and rev slider header gives amazing options to choose from. Search by city or area is possible. The admin can assign agents who are available for dealing with various properties. Unlimited Custom fields & Property Status managed by admin

AGENT PAGE: The agents page displays the details of the agent with a form to register the user. Once registered, he will be able to login to the page and search for property. There is also a page for listing the agents in one pate where in you will find all the agents listed with their contact details. There is a mortgage calculator provided thoughtfully for calculations. Agent Contact Form is automatically added. This contact form sends all messages received through agent page directly to agent email.

11) WP Pro Real Estate 7

WP Pro Real Estate 7 comes with 5 pre built demos and powerful options and the latest tools of the real estate industry such as dsIDXpress, advanced mapping features and much more!

SEO OPTIMIZED: WP Pro real Estate 7 is built from the ground up for enabling the search engines to index the contents of your site to achieve higher rankings from day one. This WordPress Real Estate theme is also compatible with the Yoast Plugin for SEO optimization.

WPML AND RTL: This theme is RTL and W compatible so totally ready for translation into any language of your choice. Being RTL compliant, the site could be easily translated into a RTL language too. Reach out to more customers speaking different languages!

POWERFUL MAPPING: The map is displayed from the search box after keying in your locality, pin code and type of house you are searching for. Once submitted, if there are any matching properties , it is displayed in the map with the marker pins. Comes with infobox, pins and custom built Google maps integration with marker clusters.

ADVANCED SEARCH: Powerful tailor made search utility with 2 selectable styles and drag/drop panel to easily enable and reorder fields. Takes into account various filters numbering 40+ such as country, city, state, rental or own and price filters.

RETINA READY: This theme is optimized for high resolution displays that will look crisp and crystal clear on any device regardless of its screen resolution.

VISUAL COMPOSER: Visual composer and Slider revolution come packaged with this theme so that means a total saving of $51. Using these 2 Plugins, you could design your pages and modify them as you please. The drag and drop features of the pagebuilder makes designing a joyful experience!

WALK SCORE: This a novel concept of measuring the locality’s walk scores.  It is a number between 0 to 100.  Above 50 means very conducive for walking and a score of 11 means, it is car dependant. This score is calculated for public transport and bike also. Bigger cities having a lot of concrete apartments per square mile, could be measured in terms of walk scores of the locality for real estate purpose like rentals and ownerships. This theme comes with this walk score plugin which is a quick way to measure the parameters of car dependence, bike or public transport dependence.

CHILD THEME CREATOR: This theme supports the child theme creator plugin. In effect this means, you can easily create your child theme using this plugin which will help in updating your theme without the fear of losing data. Even if the theme comes without the child theme, you will be able to create child themes by yourself using this plugin!  When the parent theme is updated, you can keep the changes. Child themes are small in size that could be used in other projects as well. You can create unlimited child themes!

12) Homeland

Homeland is a premium WordPress theme for Real Estate websites.  Homeland boasts of a  minimalist approach with a flat design and clean looks. It fits the bill perfectly for professional agencies  and others in the Real Estate Field.

VISUAL COMPOSER: This WordPress real estate theme is compatible with the Visual Composer which is by far one of the best drag and drop pagebuilder with user friendly features with which without coding also, you can easily build your site and modify the page layouts at will.

WPML & RTL: Homeland is compatible with the multilingual plugin WPML as well as RTL. The right to left language functionality would come your rescue in translating the page in RTL languages while WPML would help in translating it to any language of your choice!

BBPRESS: The forum software plugin made the WordPress way is integrated in this theme so that you can easily create forums, topics and promote the interaction and discussion between the members of your site in a healthy way.

SHOT CODE GENERATOR: Tons of shortcodes provided with this theme so that in combination with the pagebuilder or without it also, you can create any kind of element in any page you want in seconds. Just drag and drop in the page and run it after saving!

SEO READY: Homeland is built from the ground up for SEO optimization. Getting higher rankings in search engines is taken care from them moment the theme is built with semantic codes.

BOOKING CALENDAR PLUG-IN: Booking calendar plugin is compatible with this theme. Book any type of property you want using this theme. Search by filter and locate what you want and book the properties of your choice.

CHILD THEME: This theme comes with the child theme which makes the updating job a cool one without fearing loss of data in the parent theme. Make changes and preserve it using the child theme.

PROPERTIES PAGE: You could use advance searching filters while searching for Properties. Enable any search field  or disable from the Theme Options. There are 10 property layouts that can be used.  Your could submit your property for free with Google Map Integration, that enables you check your location anywhere in the globe.  Organize and categorize the listings to your site and view it by ID, location, type, status, and min or max price.

RETINA READY: This theme is made responsive so it loads fast and easy on any device. Retina ready features make it adjust to any screen resolution so as to display crystal clear images in any device.

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