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Pregnancy theme for Gynecologist & Maternity Homes

Pregnancy theme for Gynecologist

We take great pleasure in introducing Pregnancy theme.  An elegant theme that is exclusive for gynecologist, obgyn clinics, obstetricians and maternity nursing homes amongst others.  But certainly not limited to them!  Also, Pediatricians, maternity and childbirth Hospitals and other specialties too could use Pregnancy theme to their advantage.

A special theme for the specialists!

Pregnancy theme is the one and only theme exclusive for Pregnancy/gynecologist in ThemeForest. It is very easy to customize even for someone without any coding knowledge. Easily change font, typography and colors for almost all elements. Also, pick a layout for each post or page.  Furthermore, you can  control visibility of meta values from the admin-panel.


The Plugins

Visual composer plugin worth $34, revolution slider worth $19 come with the theme apart from the popular WooCommerce plugin. You can create amazing sliders in Pregnancy theme that comes with 3 types of home page.  Using the #1 Drag and Drop Page builder, build as many delightful pages that is informative about your services and surgeries.


Using the WooCommerce plugin, setting up your online shopping cart is a child’s play.  This theme is compatible with the event calendar free as well as the Professional- for supporting activities such as medical camps, awareness programs like free cancer screening, PAP smear tests and so on.


Multilingual:  Pregnancy theme is WPML compliant.  Therefore, you can build websites that is easily translatable, adapting to all languages. Also, this theme is compatible with RTL (Right to Left) Languages.

Trimester Chart

Pregnancy theme provides a unique trimester chart module. Therefore, you can display the changes the embryo undergoes week by week.  Your patients whether they are primigravida or gravida II, would love to know about the development of  fetus stage by stage.  There is a cycle content with light box description.

Empowering information

Hence, easily inform the patients about various stages of embryonic development. You can add custom elements for the details page too.  Provide pertinent information that empowers the patients about their medical condition.


Doctor & doctor page

The doctor details page comes with a button to fix an appointment with the doctor. It provides the qualification, experience and certification & awards received by him or her. Also a 3 tabbed viewing module, using which you would be able to provide more information.


Also, gather information about the patient seeking an appointment with the doctor.  The doctor list page in alphabetic order gives the team of doctors working in the hospital. Therefore, the patient can select any doctor, view his or her credentials in details page and opt in for his/her appointment.


Pages with left Menu

Much like the tabbed browsing feature, there is a set of menus on the left sidebar which when clicked on each element would display the contents and excerpts about that topics or procedure. A great tool to explain about the popular procedures, surgeries or just about anything that you want conveyed from your site!


Appointment forms

In Pregnancy theme, fixing an appointment with doctors is very easy.  There are 2 types of appointment forms to suit your taste. Giving your requirement for the type of service would filter the physicians who would be doing that procedure. Clicking on check availability would reveal the available slots on different dates of the physician chosen. Just select your choice and go!



After displaying your contents stylishly in each page, you need to find a way to display your pages in a nutshell.   Hence your clients and others will know the pages available for viewing.  Displaying rich content in mega menu is easy in Pregnancy theme!  Display any content like texts, images, audio or even videos from the mega menu itself.  Therefore, your visitors can glance the contents of the site and get an idea about the services you render.


Procedures and Details of procedures:

This feature makes it easy for you to display all the intricate surgeries that you and your team perform. As a result, this special feature helps to spread the information about the procedures. Therefore, the medical aspects of their condition is made known to them.  You could display the procedures department wise and procedure wise, empowering the public and making your services transparent-which is a great way of a knowledge-sharing.


Gallery & Blog

Gallery comes in trendy, modern and classic styles in 8 different combinations.  Furthermore, Pregnancy theme offers the blog in grid, classic and thumb layouts. As a result, you can publish  your views in amazingly different ways.


If you have multiple branches spread across the country or cities, the store locator is a great tool to display your services precisely.  We constantly update our themes.  So you can always suggest a feature you want.  Get in touch with us to include the feature you need.  As a result, we will configure it and include in the next update!
Go for Pregnancy theme, the only one that has been conceived for the specialists by the specialists!

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