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Plastic Surgery Theme-Onelife

Plastic surgery theme Onelife

It is exciting for us to introduce Onelife wordpress medical theme for plastic surgery. Onelife theme for plastic surgery is an impeccable choice for plastic surgeons.

Plastic Surgery

Super speciality surgeons performing reconstructive surgeries need a dedicated site.  Because their speciality entails extensive procedures such as liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and other cosmetic surgeries. Therefore, it makes sound sense to have these procedures explained at length in the site.

#1 Theme for Plastic Surgery

We take pleasure in introducing the #1 Medical WordPress Theme for Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Clinics.

Cosmetic Surgeries

Onelife theme is, first of all, a specialist theme designed for plastic surgeons. It is also suitable for the other specialists performing surgeries such as cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery.

Super speciality Theme

Furthermore, Onelife theme is a super speciality theme.  Specialized procedures like hand surgeries, maxillofacial and other elective surgeries are performed by surgeons. They could also use Onelife theme.

Variety of Home pages

Most noteworthy feature of Onelife is the choice of 4 unique home pages. They are default home page, modern home page, shop home page and a unique gallery home page. A before and after picture option enabled home page is available.

Speciality Theme for special surgeries

Your search for a plastic surgery theme ends probably with Onelife for your Plastic Surgery Website.  One Life is a versatile theme that is not only for Plastic surgeons.  Onelife is also suitable for general surgery.  Especially relevant is other surgical nursing homes and orthopedic hospitals, ENTs and other surgical units.

plastic surgery

Plugins galore

Onelife offers many Plugins as in-built so that you can configure the site as soon as you download it! Revolution slider worth $19, layer slider worth $18 and Visual Composer worth $ 34 -a whopping $71 free!

Drag & Drop Pagebuilder

Because of the drag and drop pagebuilder, you can build absolutely delightful pages.  Use the drag and drop features with animations and sliders. Configure any page of your site almost like a pro!

Before & After Gallery

The before and after picture gallery format would help in showcasing the images of before and after surgeries.  As a result, it  highlights the effectiveness of the procedures. Because one picture is worth thousand words, use the pictures effectively to drive home the point, in conclusion.
plastic surgery

Popular Procedures:

Popular procedures module in Onelife theme is unique.  Consequently use it to display the description of the procedure. Also can be used for informing the patients about lifestyle modifications.  As a result of this great feature, you can clarify many lingering doubts about the procedure.

Select your doctor

This section would display surgeon’s credentials.  The patients and public could read about the doctors specializing in such procedures. As a result, they can choose to have the doctor treat them.

Pricing Tables

The pricing table probably could display the procedures  in detail and the likely range of cost of the surgery which is a great tool for transparency. Since these pricing tables are a great tool to display information, as result the patients would benefit.

Search in your city

There is a facility to search for a particular procedure in your city.  If the nursing home operates in your city, you would be probably be able to find the feasibility of getting the surgery performed in your city.

plastic surgery

Responsive and Retina Ready:

Onelife theme is  100% responsive theme.  Therefore, it will load quickly in any device of varying screen resolutions.  Furthermore, being retina ready as well, the images would be crystal clear and sharp in all the devices.

Doctor and Details Page:

This module gives extensive information about the doctors on call and the visiting consultants to the hospital.  Therefore, we could get a clear picture about the hospital and the type of services provided there.  Consequently, so many people become aware of the type of procedures and surgeries performed in the hospital.
plastic surgery

The Visual Composer advantage

In Onelife, building pages is very simple. Even without coding skills, one can easily design a webpage.  Just drag and drop the elements! Most noteworthy, is using the pagebuilder with shortcodes builder.


Seems like the power of WooCommerce strengthens Onelife theme.  Consequently, you can start your online sales the moment your site is ready.  So, display your products and medicines in many 2/3/4 column layout designs.  Also the delightful hover effects gives description of the products, adding more value addition.

plasctic surgery

Appointment forms

First of all, fixing an appointment with doctors in Onelife theme is super easy.  Therefore, select the type of procedure to filter the physicians. Finally there are 2 types of appointment forms provided.  In addition, you can choose the physician by clicking on showtime.

plastic surgery

Pages with left sidebar

Much as the tabbed browsing feature, create a set of menus on the left sidebar.  Especially relevant is  the display contents and excerpts about topics or procedures. Therefore, use it as a tool to explain about the popular procedures and surgeries.

One click Demo

One Click Demo install will pre load all the elements needed to create websites. Therefore, create Plastic Surgery website instantly without any coding knowledge.

Salient features of One Life

There are 10 Color Schemes with Custom Skin Options.  4 Types of Blogs (Masonry, Alternate Masonry, Modern and Classic Styles) provided in Onelife.  Also 3 Types of Grid (Masonry, Alternate Masonry and Fullwidth Styles) to support your creative presentation.

Procedures page

Procedures, Procedures Single (with Custom fields), Doctors, Doctors Single (with Custom fields) are easily configured.  In addition, Events With 5 different Listing Styles and Store Locator is available.

Stylish Headers

Most noteworthy feature of Onelife is, the choice of 9 Different Header styles and 13 styles of widgets. Furthermore,  Header styles include 3 variants namely above slider, on slider and below slider.

The power of forum

Onelife is compatible with bbPress, the forum plugin.  Therefore, designing  the forum and topics amongst the participants is super easy.  Especially relevant is the BuddyPress Plugin.  Design your groups and activity streams, in addition.  Furthermore, create easily a social networking site with member interaction.

Legendary support

Finally, the Power Elite Support team helps you to clarify the theme install and other issues related to the customization. In addition, feel free to contact us for any design improvements.  Since our knowledge base is available 24/7, it would probably resolve most of your queries.

Demo Details

In conclusion, make an informed decision and choose Onelife theme for plastic surgery.

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