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10 + Premium Mobile Android Utility Apps – I

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Android apps can easily be downloaded in phones & tablets and it is estimated that a staggering 2 billion users spend a lot of their time in their devices using one or many of these android apps!

Whether it is checking mails, transferring money from online banking, placing orders for an online purchase, ordering dinner from a restaurant, booking movie tickets or booking tickets in railways & airlines, it is a hand-held device that is preferred over a desktop or laptop!

Android apps are also so user-friendly costing little or mostly free, have naturally become the most downloaded items from the internet.

While checking out these apps, there are some apps which are of a generic nature, inviting you to be creative and challenging your developer skills to develop your own app like a city guide or social net working group of your own!

Interested?  Read on…go ahead and use your imagination to try your hand at some apps development!

We have carefully selected “10 + Premium Mobile Android Utility Apps – I”.   Do check out and go for an appropriate app and enjoy your download!   Next week, we are bringing part-II of this mobile android utility applications with more of development based apps you can use and try.  Do remember to share your feedback or comments in the comments section indicating your preference of apps.  Thanks for choosing to spend your valuable time us.

1) Store Finder Full Android Application v1.1.2

Store Finder Full Android Application v1.1.2

Store Finder Full Android Application v1.1.2: Store Finder Full Android Application v1.1.2 come with these features:  Localization ready, user rating and reviews, AdMob custom turn on/off, social login, news, weather, map draw for geo fencing, php backend/support phone/tablet.  New UI update faster using Google UX.  App features:   user rating integration – new,  user reviews integration – new,  news integration – new,  weather reviews integration – new,  User Profile Cover Photo/Thumb Photo – NEW,  Sliding Transition – NEW,  Custom Icon per category (Map Icon) – NEW,  Localization Ready!  Offline Usage,  Social Login (Twitter/Facebook/Web),  AdMob custom Turn ON/OFF,  Cool Mobile UI Interaction,  Multi Animation Selection per user configuration,  Share to Facebook,  Share to Twitter,  Call Integration,  Email Integration,  SMS Integration,  User can add Favorites,  Google Directions.

Advance Search, About Us Panel Added, Terms & Conditions Panel Added, User can edit its Profile.  Draw Objects in the map and gets all the Map Pins inside the drawing.  Image Pinch and Zoom.  Photo Upload via URL or by File.  Google Maps Integration.   Support Guidelines:   We will Support you as much as possible.   Support Guidelines Requirement:   Please include as much information as possible.  If you ask us for support service/bug fixing — please, include the following information:   Your purchase code.  Messages without purchase code may be ignored.  Website Admin: login and password.  Please make sure that all access details (login/password/etc) are correct.  Additional information (such as FTP details and access to the database and hosting control panel) may be requested if necessary.  We will support you until the end of the world so nothing to worry about!)

2) Android Live TV

Android Live TV

Android Live TV: Android Live TV is an app that shows live TV on android device!  Watch your favorite TV channels Live in your mobile phone with this Android application on your Android device.  Supports almost all formats. The application is specially optimized to be extremely easy to configure and detailed documentation is provided.

Demo Admin URL:  http://viaviweb.in/envato/live_tv_demo/

List Of Category:  http://viaviweb.in/envato/live_tv_demo/api.php

List of all latest:  http://viaviweb.in/envato/live_tv_demo/api.php?latest=15

Item of Category:  http://viaviweb.in/envato/live_tv_demo/api.php?cat_id=3

Username: admin, password: 123456.  Features:  Android Side:   All Device Compatibility (Responsive Design).   Easily Navigate With Tab.  Play/Pause online TV/Video Stream.  Supports 720p/1080p HD mp4,mkv,m4v,mov,flv,avi,rmvb,rm,ts,tp and many other video formats.   Almost all popular streaming protocols are supported, including HLS, MMS, RTSP, RTMP and HTTP.   Channel Added With Category Wise.   Recently Added Channel Display is Separate.  Favorite Mode.  Search Channel.  30 Channel Added in Application.  Check Network Availability.  AdMob Integrated.   Start App Integrated.   AdMob and Startapp both Standalone Package (i.e. 2 package, one is for AdMob and other is Startapp).   No Flash Player Required.   Easy Admin Panel.  Admin Side:   Simple and Attractive Admin Panel.   Display Total Category and Channel Uploaded.   Easily Add Category.   Easily Add Category Item.   Edit and Delete Category.  Edit and Delete Category Item.  Json Service

What You Get:   Full Android Source Code.  Full Php Code of Server Side.  Android Package hierarchy (that tells which class is used for what).  Full Document with Screen Shot.  Support-ticket:  We also provide support via Skype and Email.  Skype ID:  support.viaviweb.   Email: [email protected].

3) Universal Android WebView App


Universal Android WebView App: Universal Android WebView App is a native Android application which uses web view for displaying content. Thanks to this template, you can create universal mobile application. It is fast, easy and affordable. Application is easily configurable and customizable. Project is well documented. See documentation or video manual. You should be able to configure and build the app within 15 minutes! There are many uses for this app. Some examples: mobile app for the internet forum, product catalog, festival program, city guide, reservation system, restaurant menu online, news… See a real example:  Zippyshare Simple Search. This app is based on Universal Android WebView App and it’s pretty successful on Google Play.  We provide good support. See frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, just send us a message via Comments.  Features:   Support for Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3) and newer Developed with Android Studio & Gradle.  Material design following Android Design Guidelines:   Ten color themes (blue, brown, gray, green, lime, orange, purple, red, teal, violet),  Thirty menu icons,  Action bar,  Navigation drawer menu (easily customizable),  Pull-to-Refresh,  Share dialog,  Intents (e-mail, sms, phone call, map, store),  Download manager,  File picker for uploading files,  WebView supports JavaScript, Cookies, CSS, images, videos and other standard web tools and technologies,  HTML5 videos, YouTube, Vimeo,  Support for opening links in external browser (customizable rules),  Local pages (available in offline),  Error handling,  Offline handling

 Progress bar when loading the page, Google Analytics, AdMob and Push notifications.

4) City Guide Android Application

City Guide Android Application

City Guide Android Application: If you are planning to develop an Android app for your City which will act as a guide for your city, then this application is for you!  Using this application, user will be able to find the restaurant, hotels, bank etc listed in this city.  Just, following the guide you can develop this application. Then if you want to submit it on Google Play, you can.  Also, you can use it for business purpose using Google AdMob or Local Ad.

Key Features: (V 2.1) 1. Auto detect user position.    2. Easily Add Full page and Banner AdMob Advertisement using Play service.   3. Social Fan Page integration with WebView 4.Easy to change App Splash Screen, Background, Logo etc.   5.  Full Native (Java) Android Application and Source Code included.   6. Step by Step help guide.  Follow us to get latest update:

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/code and

Coder Facebook https://www.facebook.com/codeandcoderltd

Our Source code supported apps:

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.codeandcoder.easycar https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dkrsgroup.travellingindia https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pskpartha.localcityguide

5) HD Wallpaper

HD Wallpaper

HD Wallpaper: HD Wallpaper is a cool new app that brings the best HD wallpapers and backgrounds to your Android device!  Each high resolution image has been perfectly formatted fit to the phone display and comes with a host of other user friendly features. The stunning UI allows you easily tap and swipe your way through the multiple image galleries.

Android Side:   All Device Compatibility (Responsive Design).   Brand New Look.   Easily Navigate With Tab.  Image Display Category Wise:   Recently Added Image Display.

Image Display with Full Screen Mode.  Image Change with swiping finger.   Image Change with next and previous button.   Even Image Change in Device Shake.   Auto Play and Stop Mode.   Add to Favorite Mode.   Favorite Image Display Separate.   Image Share with your friends and on social networks.   Image Save in Sdcard.   Image SetAsWallpaper.  Image zooms with Pinch gesture.   Grid Item Size Responsive Based on Screen Display Size.   Check Network Availability.   Multiple Images Uploaded at Time.   AdMob and StartApp Added

AdMob and Startapp both Standalone Package (i.e. 2 package, one is for AdMob and other is StartApp).  Admin Side:   Simple and Attractive Admin Panel.   Display Total Category and   Image Uploaded.   Easily Add Category.   Easily Add Category Item.   Edit and Delete Category.   Edit and Delete Category Item.   Multiple Images Uploaded at Time.   Upload Unlimited Category and its Item.   Json Service.  What U Get:   Full Android Source Code.   Full Php Code of Server Side.   Android Package hierarchy (that tells which class is used for what).

6) Restau! Full Restaurant Locator Android App v1.2

Restau! Full Restaurant Locator Android App v1.2

Restau! Full Restaurant Locator Android App v1.2: Restau! A Full Android Restaurant Locator Application has routing and distance calculation from various restaurants and how to access its location and many more.  Sample APK:  http://bit.ly/1kVt1se Features includes:   1 file data to be uploaded in the server (choose between XML and JSON file),  Local DB for data storage,  Supports offline usage,  Image Caching,  Call Integration,  Web Integration,  Email Integration,  Photo Galleries,  Image Slider for featured restaurants,  Map Routing,  Map distance calculation,  Add to Favorites for easy access of restaurants,  Photo Galleries supports zoom and panning,  Restaurant Categories to classify what each restaurant type

Version 1.2 Update:   PHP Backend bug fixes.  XML Encoding problems where fixed.  Some UI Adjustments.   Fixed some bugs, it does have either XML or JSON depending on your choice to be uploaded on your server. With some changes or tweaks you are good to go

Support Guidelines:   We will Support you as much as possible:   We will only cater support within the app fixes, bugs or some lightweight changes, any strong modification of the code which includes total changes of the app like functionality removed or functionality added will be not entertained.  We will support you until the end of the world so nothing to worry about!

7) Wheres My Places

Wheres My Places

Wheres My Places: Wheres My Places gives an edge in finding the most wonderful places surrounding you with a beautiful user interface.  In real time, such an application will provide you with all the available places near you with detailed information.  Also Wheres My Places acts as a great navigation tool by which you can find your way in a strange city or location. Especially it will be easier for you to find your wanted place thanks to the direction tool. You can easily find nearby clubs, hospitals, hotels, café, bars, banks, etc or any place you desire to look for • Each location is attached with full details including address, images, rating, phone number, map direction, user review and distance from the place you are currently standing at. • A great map direction tool with estimated time and distance is available to direct you how to reach your selected destination through streets. In other words, you will never worry to be lost in an unfamiliar location.  • The results may be sorted by distance or rating.  • All search results can be demonstrated in map.  • You can add any location to your Favorite list.  • You will be attracted by a nice-looking icon system.  • Google Voice is also available to support you in finding your places easier.  Please read my document:


PLEASE REFER DEMO APPLICATION:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/rnxnq6labxur74b/WheresMyPlacesVersion1.7.apk?dl=0

If you want to have full version as app on play store, please send message to me:


8) Social Network App – Multi-Purpose

Social Network App - Multi-Purpose

Social Network App – Multi-Purpose: Social Network App – Multi-Purpose.  This app gives you the ability to start your own Social Network.  Note:  Project moved to Android Studio IDE.  Change Log (new features & some issues fix).   Build web version not completed (login/logout/share).   Ability to send direct message to users.   Ability to search for users

 Add disclaimer page.   Image optimization.   Fix utf-8 problem.   Show wait dialog when press publish button.  Features:   Login / Registration, Add Posts (With an Image or Without), Set Privacy for Posts (To Public or To Followers Only), Add Comments, Like/Unlike/Share Posts,

Follow/Unfollow Users, Change Profile Information, Cache System for Better Performance,

PHP Backend, Integrated with AdMob, Cpanel Features (So Simple), Control Posts, add/edit/remove), Control users (edit/remove).  Note:   Anyone find any issue or need any help, please contact me via email ([email protected]).

9) The Restaurant App

The Restaurant App

The Restaurant App:  The Restaurant App is a mobile reservation system that is used for managing reservation and restaurant menu.  Admin can manage reservation, restaurant menu and other configurations such as tax and currency code from admin panel on the web and users will be able to see the menu from mobile app and make a reservation.  Run under Android platform which is the number one popular mobile operating system right now this app comes with many features.  This app will save your time in creating an app for the restaurant of yours or your client.  Features:  Get support of pongodev item via pongodev support forum, http://support.pongodev.com.  The reason we use forum for the support instead of other places because:   Since most of the questions are asked over and over again a searchable forum will make it possible for buyer to get quick answer of their problem without need to wait for our response.  People can’t respond to each other at codecanyon to help each other out, while we are busy with other tasks. Therefore we decided to channel those requests at one place and make it available to everyone so all the buyers can benefit.

10) Spatullr: Recipes App for Android

Spatullr: Recipes App for Android

Spatullr: Recipes App for Android: Spatullr is the Android recipes app template which was previously known as Recipes App for Android.  You can now turn the recipes that you have made into mobile app and monetize it via ads or paid app in easy way, fast, and at low price. The latest versions add new awesome features and improvement of existing features.

Spatullr Features:   Android Studio Project, Migrate the app project to Android Studio to use the latest technology of Android development tools.  Google Material Design, Experience the new Google Material Design in Spatullr user interface.  Categorized Recipes:   You can now categorize your recipes based on their type.  Add to Favorites:   Let your user add recipes they love to their favorites.  AdMob Integration:   Monetize your app with integrated AdMob in banner and interstitial format.  Animation and Transition:   Add transition between app screen and effect to the image.  Search the Recipes:   Type the keyword on search box to access the recipes you want directly.  Tablet Supported; View the app in two pane layout on tablet.  Sharing the Recipes:   Share the recipes to other apps.  Ease of Customization and Changing color of the app is now easy.  You can also hide the AdMob if you do not want to use it.  Well Documented User Guide that comes in pdf format is included to help you customizing the app.  After Purchase Support:  The only way to get support of pongodev item is via pongodev support forum, http://support.pongodev.com.  The reason we use forum for the support instead of other places:  Since most of the questions are asked over and over again a searchable forum will make it possible for buyer to get quick answer of their problem without need to wait for our response.  Therefore, we decided to channel those requests at one place and make it available to everyone so all of buyers can benefit.

11) Medicine Alert

Medicine Alert

Medicine Alert: Medicine Alert is a multipurpose application that is easy to customize.  Medicine Alert comes with modern flat design with an intuitive user interface.  It is a helpful application to maintain the list of medicines with time alert.  User could input the name of medicine, description; choose alert’s time intervals and moment of start.  The App could be used by everyone but is especially prepared for elderly people and chronic users of many medications, who may need to take medicines regularly – big buttons and text fields make the App very easy to use.  Compatibility:  All functionalities are compatible with Android version 4.0 or higher.  Demo:  Check out functionality and amazing features of our mobile Application.  We have made Demo Version (APK) of our App available to you.  It contains sample data and shows the power of its functionality.  Support & Questions:  We are glad to provide item support and answer all your questions on Item Comments Page.  Enjoy!

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