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kBase is Knowledge Base WordPress Theme for 24/7 support

We are delighted to introduce our knowledge base theme kbase WordPress theme. Knowledge base themes are a special category of themes indispensable for support teams and technical support providers or just about any service provider who needs 24/7 support available to their customers.  Nowadays, the business you run is highly dependant on the support you provide.

With knowledge base, your customers’ rating of you goes up because, the support available from your knowledge base theme will be phenomenal, creating a such favorable opinion about your services as company, you will be thrilled to get high ratings as a reputed and reliable company from your customers.  A satisfied customer, can refer you to others, which is several times better than advertisements.

Check out the features of kbase knowledge theme here.

Knowledge Base & Help Desk WordPress Theme - kBase

Kbase would ensure dedicated support 24/7 for your customers!
Kbase combines  FAQs, Knowledge Base and support Forums with abundant features.
FAQ: The FAQ section would handle most of the routine queries and doubts your customers would have about your themes, Plugins and other services that you provide.

KBase Faqs

Knowledge Base:

While the knowledge Base would function as the depository of your documents on how to and other technical information so important for anyone who has downloaded your themes or services to access whenever they have a specific issue to address for clarification.

Forum: The support forums would contain all the topics discussed in the forum by the users on different topics so that it is easy for someone to go to the relevant forum and follow the discussion on a topic to understand the setup better.
In case you didn’t find what you are looking for, you can simply submit a ticket by clicking the submit button!

kBase Forums

Live Search:  Kbase theme,  offers a unique search feature-known as live search.  Your search string will open up similar looking search results from the articles, posts and pages with lightning speed so as to quickly locate the section you want clarification for from anywhere in the website.
knowledge base

Key features:

Articles Search:  There are 3 types of articles configured namely default, advance and modern. Using the different article search box functionality, the site will become ultra fast in searching and locating the files or articles.  Ajax live search system is incorporated with the theme. The search string will bring the similar results for the search for articles, posts and pages. There are six visually attractive search boxes are included with this theme. Highly attractive two article listing and three article detail styles come with theme for visualizing your articles.

knowledge base

There 3 types of blog layout and portfolio layouts to adorn your site with multiple options to display your services. Use the layouts creatively to your audience to describe your services and products.  Using the knowledge base theme is a boon to your customers. Elucidate the necessity of having a knowledge base theme for their business. The 24/7 support services theme to highlight your entire offering of your services and technical information to clarify their doubts.
knowledge base blog
Customization:  Knowledge Base comes with the boxed and fullwidth layouts with 20+ choice for skin colors which will give you different options to design your site.
Plugins:  With BBPress and BuddyPress integration, creating a discussion forum, topics and groups with activity streams becomes a breeze.  It is quite easy to enable the interaction with your customers for clarifying and resolving their queries.
Go for kbase, the elite knowledge base theme to build your reputation as the best solution provider for your customers!

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