Kids life- daycare website template review

Kids life- daycare website template review

Kids life- daycare website template review

Kids the phase where we all cross with lots of joy . That stays true for most of our lives. Isn’t it ? The innocence of a child is very much true. But these days maintaining a naughty kid in this busy world.Well , sometimes becomes hectic.

That serves most true . Am I right? A statistics shows in the US and Uk the daycare has increased steadily over the last few years.  At Least by 10 % , well which is ooping .

Also you can just consider the trend now. It’s all online these days. You cannot avoid the sharp rising online market, especially after  the recent COVID rise in earlier 2020.

Isn’t it ? So , perfectly targeting your daycare kid’s parents through online mode is a very significant one. Because there where you can generate a good number of sales.

For that, the primary requirement is to get a website with attractive design aspects. But design alone is not sufficient to induce visitors to maximum engagement within your site. The essential functionalities should also be presented in appropriate places. Am I right?

 If so, what would be the best daycare website template to look on ? Well, it’s not a trillion dollar question , it’s none other than the kidslife daycare website template. Have a look at its features and a way to install it.

Introduction about kidslife daycare website theme.

This creative and handcrafted WordPress theme is specifically designed for nursery, kindergarten, playschool, preschool, daycare, nanny services, schools.

  1. Also it’s easily customizable for other education-based websites.
  2. With Kids Life, you can create a visually stunning and engaging online platform that caters to the needs of children and their parents.
  3.  Packed with playful elements and vibrant colours, this theme creates a fun and interactive environment where learning takes centre stage.
  4. Whether you need a website for your daycare centre or an educational blog, Kids Life has got you covered. 
  5. It offers a range of innovative features that make it easy to showcase your services, share important information with parents, highlight testimonials from happy families, and so much more.

What sets kidslife apart from other themes?

What sets Kids Life apart is its dedication to providing an immersive experience for both children and educators. This theme seamlessly combines functionality with creativity to ensure that every child’s unique journey is celebrated in a way that captivates their imagination.

So if you’re looking for a best-in-class WordPress theme that brings the magic of childhood education to life online, look no further than Kids Life. 

With its customizable layouts, user-friendly interface, and endless possibilities for customization – it’s time to embark on an unforgettable digital adventure!

Features of Kidslife daycare website theme.

Now let’s check its astonishing features.

  1. Unlimited layout possibilities.
  2. Powerful functionality admin interface.
  3. 6 unique responsive yet interactive homepages for kidstyle.
  4. 810+ fonts with powerful awesome font icon packs.
  5. Newsletter pop-ups , Simple colour change, readily available translation , good documentation aspect.
  6. Easy placeable useful shortcodes.
  7. Social media share functionality.
  8. Grid layout with aesthetically enhanced images and slides.

There are many more features available in this excellent theme. To check about it click the below “ Preview” Icon.


In conclusion, choosing Kidslife as the best daycare website template is a no-brainer! Not only does it offer a wide range of features and functionalities, but it also prioritises user experience and convenience.

Kidslife also stands out for its easy placeable useful shortcodes. These handy shortcuts allow you to add interactive elements such as maps, contact forms, testimonials, and more with just a few clicks. No need for complex coding – save time without compromising functionality!

Last but not least, enjoy the aesthetically enhanced grid layout featuring stunning images and slides. Impress parents visiting your website with captivating visuals that highlight the joyous atmosphere of your daycare center.

I will list out some of the significant FAQs.


How to buy the best daycare website theme?

It’s very simple  to proceed on to buy the best daycare website theme. Just click the link below.

How to add a Kidslife daycare website  theme on my wordpress website ?

To utilise the Walker & Stick Shopify Theme that you bought with your items and content:

1. Log To your wordpress admin panel.

2. Navigate to the “Appearance” section and choose “Themes.”

3. Choose “Upload theme” from the drop-down menu.

4. Select the major theme file (often marked by a “.zip” extension) from the location on your computer where you saved the extracted theme files.

5. When your upload is successful, Shopify will ask you to confirm that you want to replace your existing live theme with a new one. Then, choose “Publish.”

If you have any more questions regarding this theme installation .Else any query regarding features available on  the theme. Support or documentation works, kindly ping us on our contact mail id.

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