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Green world for a greener effect-Solar Zone theme

Green initiative

Our focus needs to be on a green earth for reducing global warming. Let us restore the glory of the greeneries!

Global warming:

The awareness on global warming is increasing. Everyone, thanks to social media is aware of the ozone layer, global warming and deforestation. The indiscriminate felling of trees everywhere, especially on highways, have further increased global warming. Moreover, in cities the resultant dwindling of natural shelters such as shady cover under trees leading to more and more of heat. There have been videos clippings shared in social media that have become popular and sometimes even viral!


Deforestation in many countries due to whatever reasons like cities expansion, urban migration and the consequent housing development needs have made irreversible damage to our ecology. More and more of the forest is being destroyed for reclaiming land causing irreplaceable damage to the flora and fauna.

Depletion of natural resources

Furthermore, the ill effects of pesticides and chemicals along with the dumping of industrial effluents into the sea and waterways like lakes and rivers have damaged our marine and fisheries. In addition, the ground water level going down due to the rapid growth of concrete jungle. Further, the failing monsoon rains adding to the woes of the common man in terms of water scarcity for drinking as well as irrigation purposes.

Ecology friendly companies

Against these backgrounds, there are many environment-friendly companies whose efforts are laudable.  Companies of organic farming, gardening, flowers cultivation and greenhouse initiatives, need a special niche theme to run their businesses.  In addition, animal husbandry, seeds and flowers, horticulture and other farming activities such as rearing of sheep, goats and cows need to be supported too with an appropriate theme.

Renewable Source of energy

Solar Zone is designed to fit into this category of environment-friendly initiatives of all types. Companies involved in using renewable energies like solar and wind would find Solar Zone irresistible. Solar theme is designed to fit into this category of environment-friendly initiatives of all types.  Windmills too offer an alternative source of energy to conventional energy sources.

Solar Zone Home

Green Theme

Solar Zone offers indispensable features such as different types of blogs, multiple galleries and unlimited color schemes. Moreover, this theme boasts of event management features, WooCommerce powered stores, Timeline, Layer slider and team pages.
Solar Energy Home

Special Features

Solar Zone theme offers special features such as blog, multiple galleries, unlimited color schemes, events,  WooCommerce powered store, Timeline, Layer slider and team pages.  This theme comes with a responsive design offering a perfect fit any device. Solar Zone designed with an express purpose to support your quest for restoring eco balance and reducing global warming in this planet.

Solar Zone Events

Key features of Solar Zone theme:

Responsive & Retina Ready

Solar Zone theme comes with a responsive design offering a perfect fit for any device.  Regardless of the screen resolution, the theme would load quickly on any device. Solar Zone designed with an express purpose to support your quest for restoring eco balance and reducing global warming in this planet.


This Solar Zone theme is built on the latest valid HTML5 & CSS3 with  w3c Validation.  This means your site is updated to the latest technology and coded with semantic coding and built in with SEO techniques for higher rankings by the search engines.


Solar Zone Theme is SEO friendly as semantic codes are built-in from the ground up while designing the theme itself.  Your site will always rank higher in all the leading search engines.
Solar Zone theme supports the multilingual plugin WPML so that your site will be truly international with a wide reach as Solar Zone Theme is WPML compatible.

Visual Composer

The Visual Composer plugin with its drag and drop features, makes the job of designing the pages a breeze!  In combination with the shortcodes, you can configure any module you want in any page of your site like a professional designer.

Solar Zone Home 3

Customization options:

The Visual Composer in tandem with shortcodes gives you enormous power to design any type of modules and pages in your site. Solar Zone theme comes in boxed and fullwidth layouts.  There is also a special menu of Solar Zone with many menu layout options.  The powerful backend framework, Buddha Panel provided in Solar Zone theme using which most of your customization requirements could be easily completed.


Blogging at its best in Solar Zone theme because you have to write extensively on these topics of energy saving and harnessing! 6 types of blogging layouts comprising of single column to 4 column layout with right and left side enabled apart from both sidebars as well as no sidebar options!

Solar Zone Blog


A total of 8 types of Portfolio layout provided. As many as 8 classic portfolio section provided with myriad layout options such as fullwidth, 2 to 4 column layouts, with LHS, RHS and gallery and single pages.



In Solar Zone, an extensive documentation for FAQ SECTION provided as you are likely to receive many queries about various energy saving activities.  There is a Faq single page and faq1 page available for addressing the green agenda and the global warming issues too!


Time Line:

Time lined company history for highlighting your journey is provided in Solar Zone theme.  From the year your project was founded to the current year depicting the road traveled and displaying the progress of your commitment to green initiative as a whole would serve as an impressive record for your efforts. Using the shortcodes, you would be able to design this module and display on your page.

Solar Zone Timeline


Solar Zone theme is compatible with MailChimp, the most popular online email marketing plugin.  Therefore, build your subscriber base and manage them easily.


Solar Zone theme is cross browser compatible.  All the leading browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Edge will enable smooth loading of the theme.

Legendary support

Solar Zone theme introduced by Designthemes whose reputation on providing support is legendary!  Ask any of our customers about the service we provide for customers.  We provide support through ThemeForest forums, 24/7 knowledge base and online support.  The extensive documentation on the themes, user guides & video tutorials will ensure each of your queries well resolved.  If you are urgently in need of a quick fix solution, submit a ticket to support forum to receive support.
Make an informed choice and go for Solar Zone theme to run your eco friendly business but certainly not limited only to them!

Plugins galore:

In Solar Zone theme the following Plugins worth $77 is free!  Visual Composer $34, Ultimate Addon $18, Revolution slider worth $25 totaling a whopping $ 77! The other Plugins: Contact form 7, Google map, WPML-multilingual, MailChimp and WooCommerce.



When you are running your green initiative, remember to make a discerning choice.  Go for Solar Zone, the responsible green theme!

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