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Color Psychology Secrets – Meet 10 Best Orange WordPress Themes

Colors evoke feelings

Undoubtedly, you would have thought about the beauty of sunsets at least once.  This natural event is quite impressive. Usually, when people think about this wonderful phenomenon, they imagine soft and warm orange-colored last rays of the sun against the dark-blue sky background. Remember, their color choice is not coincidental. Orange color warms gives a feeling of coziness and tranquility.  It surely attracts viewers’ attention. Also, it is considered to be natural, as there are various fruits and vegetables that are splashed with orange shades. It means that they are mellow and can be eaten without any danger, so in this case, orange signifies safety. This basic vivid color is simple and eye-catching. That’s why it occupies a separate and very important niche in the web-design sphere.  In fact,  that is the secret of orange WordPress themes occupying a coveted place among the most popular and visually appealing themes.

The Role of Colors

Color-throughout the human history has played an important role that the master artists have generally recognized thanks to their ability to work with color. Nowadays, the real recognition is gained by the experts who are able to combine colors not only on a canvas but also for commercial and business purposes such as advertizing and web-design. The interaction of colors and emotions is close, so each designer wants to use this influence to create the right atmosphere for each website. Talking about the orange palette, we should remember that it projects friendliness, energy, and uniqueness. Due to the color perception theory, this is the quietest of warm colors, which can cause the whole range of versatile emotions. As a primary color, it can cause interest and invigorate, and as secondary – keep these properties, but in more unostentatious manner.

How Colors are perceived

In addition, orange helps to create the feeling of movement and energy. So, you can use this color for multipurpose web-pages, school portals, trading platforms and even sports blogs. Your future website should attract new clients and inspire them. That is why orange and red colors predominate in sports WordPress themes, as they provide viewers with energy and good mood for effective training. Besides, orange color can be associated with the late fall, flaring fire and, of course, tropical fruits – everything depends on what effect you want to create. However, before you start choosing a ready-made template with orange elements, make sure that you know the basic rules. As you can see, orange is a very strong color, so you should use it carefully. If you intend to use the considerable volume of orange, it is better to dilute it with muffled tones.

Color to influence the moods

As is the case with any other warm shade, a big orange spot on the page could look, repellent, frightening or even aggressive. Actually, this color is especially effective in combination with cold shades: blue, green and violet. Besides, it is very difficult to combine orange color with other warm shades. As such, when you look through a warm-colored website, your eyes begin searching cold sites to break the space into fragments. By the same token, you should be careful with orange-colored texts, as they are quite difficult to read. For this collection, we have chosen the best orange WordPress themes by TemplateMonster, and you will be able to create your website using one of them. All of these themes have a striking design with eye-catching orange elements. And they are not only stylish but also ready-to-use and can be customized without any programming skills.

Judicious use of Color

Moreover, these themes are more economical than custom ones, so you could save you time and money, and create a WordPress website in a few clicks. All templates from this list were created by skillful web-developers and designers with all color psychology rules, so they will vibe with any tastes. Also, all these orange WordPress themes are fully responsive and SEO-friendly. In other words, your website will look perfect on any screen and be ready to reach the search results top. All things considered, it is simple to notice that orange color is a flexible and powerful tool in web-design. As with any other bright color, it can work for or against your online projects, so you should use it properly.

Color speaks louder than words

All things considered, it is simple to notice that orange color is a flexible and powerful tool in web design.  All you need is, to make a cool planned move to go online using orange-colored design. Just try to inspire your clients with a warm color palette, and you will see a dazzling result!

Take a look at the usage of colors in these themes and make use of this strategy for amazing results in your blog. Good luck!

1) Sports Energy Bright WordPress Theme

Adrenaline - WordPress theme for adrenaline sports businesses WordPress Theme

2) Colorful Clinic for Kids WordPress Template

KidsHealth - Kids Clinic WordPress Theme

3) Active Lifestyle & Sports WordPress Theme

Nutrie - Health Coach WordPress Theme

4) Multiuse Orange WooCommerce Template

Woostroid - Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

5) Bright Sports WordPress Theme with Orange Elements

Fitpress - Fitness & Gym WordPress Theme

6) Inspiring Horse Riding WordPress Theme

Elite Breed - Equestrian & Horse Riding Club WordPress Theme

7) Tender Beauty Salon Responsive WordPress Template

Beauty Spa & Massage Salon Responsive WordPress Theme

Details Demo

8) Coffee Store Colorful WooCommerce Theme

Coffee Shop WooCommerce Theme

Details Demo

9) Crafts & Decor Elegant WordPress Template

Caldera - Steelworks and Constructions WordPress Theme

Details Demo

10) Clear Transportation Company WordPress Theme

Transportation Private Company WordPress Theme

Details Demo

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