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Blogger themes from Designthemes on amazing giveaways!

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Welcome to blogger themes collection!
Blogging is exciting and it is growing quickly by the day.  Actually, it is estimated that there are more than 300 million blogs in the world! So why don’t you join?
You can write a blog on anything that interests you! Whatever be your interest blogging shows a way!  Furthermore, blogging helps you make a career out of your interests which is quite unlike any other profession.

How many people enjoy doing what they are doing?

Blogging provides you an opportunity to make a career out of your likes, interests, and hobbies. Not only as a pastime but as a vocation that generates revenue too! Therefore, launch your new career of writing! It is now or never!

How to create revenue out of your blog?

Supposing you are a foodie and you love talking about it.  Start a blog about your favorite dishes. List the dishes and the hotels or places you can get it. Describe in your own words about the experience of eating it. You are certainly going to make an impression with your sharing. If your blog is attractively created with images and maps to locate the places where your favorite dishes are available,  who knows, you may be directing some traffic to that hotel!

There is always a quid pro quo…!

If the Hotel appreciates your reference and acknowledges the traffic you are instrumental in bringing to their place, you have taken the first step towards revenue generation! Or you could have some advertisements on your blog for the dishes you are endorsing or recommending as worth ordering.  Once the stream of visitors to your blog increase, your revenue also would increase.

Malar Blog theme is available for $49

Malar | blogger Themes
What is more exciting is the one-time offer of a free blogger theme Mini Blog worth 39$ or Newsflash worth 39$, when you buy Malar theme.

FlashNews costs 39$.  Flash News is a stylish editorial WordPress theme. It is a perfect fit magazines, newspapers, blogs and content publishers. Moreover, being fully responsive and retina ready, would load in any device lightning quick.  Moreover, it comes with highly flexible layouts. In addition, the theme options empower you to easily customize the website exactly as you want.


Flash News - Responsive News Theme


Mini Blog theme costs 39$  and it comes with 3 delightful variations: Default blog, Feminine blog, and Travel blog. Each variant comes with its own About and Contact pages. So whatever be your choice, Mini Blog will fit in admirably.

Mini Blog - Minimal Blog Theme

How to Enter The Giveaway

All you have to do is to buy Malar theme and claim one of the blogger themes free namely Mini Blog or Newsflash.  Once you choose, opt for either one of these themes when you buy Malar theme.

Happy blogging!

Blogger themes from Designthemes on amazing giveaways! ram


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