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15 + Premium Health and Beauty WordPress Themes

Health and Beauty WordPress themes themes are endowed with the special features essential for making these websites to function better than other categories.

People pay a lot of importance to maintenance of their health and beauty. This is very evident now as people’s wellbeing and longevity have increased across the countries and also the health and beauty segments like spa, beauty parlors, hair care centers and other yoga & wellness centers for health needs have become a very successful and lucrative business proposition.

It pays to maintain a good website to take care of the customers. You can display all the facilities and services offered from your health and beauty centers through the websites so as to serve them better. The individuals who are beauticians also maintain their sites to service their customers. Marketing is more simple using the websites to showcase their services and also keep in touch with the customers using email marketing and blogs.

We want to share with you this list of Health and Beauty WordPress themes  having the best features to address your special needs in this segment. Chose anyone from this terrific collection of “15 + Premium Health and Beauty WordPress Themes” for making your dream website.

1) Helen’s Spa ($39)

Helen's Spa - Beauty Spa, Health Spa Theme

Welcome to Helen’s Spa theme, a beautiful Spa theme to showcase your Spa, beauty parlors, hair salons, unisex gyms as well as exclusive male and female gyms, wellness centers, salons of all types, massage centers, yoga studios and just about any hospitality center! A beautiful homepage greets you with its subdued splendor! A bewitching display of the services available in your Spa center could be displayed here. You would also find a appointment booking form using which you can book an appointment for the service you require on a specified date. The Drag & Drop Page Builder makes everyone a designer without the coding know-how! The power of Visual Composer is integrated into Helen Spa theme. Create pages quickly with few clicks in few minutes with the help of Visual Composer and custom Helen Spa theme shortcodes.

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2) SoulMedic ($59)

SoulMedic | Flat Responsive Medical & Health Theme

Soul Medic is a most responsive health WordPress theme useful for the doctors, dentists, surgeons, hospitals, health clinics… This theme developed with best things needed to get high place in the Google.  The blogs are very important for a perfect website, so this theme designed with a unique blog page design styles.

PAGE BUILDER: This WordPress theme is coming with a powerful page builder turning your website creation simpler than before. With the pre made blocks you can create any section of the website. You don’t want learn anything especially for this work.

APPOINTMENT FORM: The patients are not having time to directly visit the hospitals for getting the appointments. So this WordPress theme developed with a well designed appointment form for getting appointments. With this form the patients can get the appointments based on their problem.

PREDEFINED COLORS: This theme is coming with superb colors suitable for the health and beauty websites. The website owners can add any color matching for your website with a simple click. The entire website will change to the particular color.

DOCUMENTATUON: Documentation coming with this theme is covering all details about this WordPress theme. The buyers can find all the knowledge from the documentation. You can also clarify your doubts with the HD video links about the theme installation and maintenance.

DOCTORS PAGE: This specialty page for doctors is very unique in Soulmedic theme. Your team of doctors could be displayed here either specialty wise or as a team. Their email id and social connectivity icons provided for direct link. Also displayed is the list of physicians with their code and extension number for direct contact as well as book their appointments.

WOOCOMMERCE: This theme comes with WooCommerce integration so that as soon as you set up your site, it is ecommerce ready! Display your products in any kind of layout such as 2,3 or 4 columns with product tags and category wise search. Also provided default search, booking appointments and add to cart features with their prices.

MEGA MENU: Mega menu provides a convenient option to display all your pages using the links in the header menu itself! Not just plain links but feature rich text blocks, images, video or add to cart features right in the menu itself! You customers would get all the information about your site such as the no of pages it has from the menu itself!

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3) Aqua ($59)


Aqua beauty theme is perfectly suitable for creating spas, hair salons, barber shops, wellness centres, yoga classes and other beauty business websites. This theme helps the users to handle different country currencies in a single website. This theme works well with all popular browsers.

RESERVATION: This beauty WordPress theme provides a reservation form for helping the customers to easily book the rooms and tables. This form created is simple to understand,so everyone can do the reservation very easily.

WOOCOMMERCE: Nowadays selling beauty products through websites is on the rise. So aqua theme works very well with the WooCommerce plug-in for creating perfect online stores to sell the products. With this facility you can get all types of facilities needed for the product selling website.

VISUAL COMPOSER: The visual composer is helping the website owners to create websites without seeking anyone’s help. They can create the website sections by doing simple drag and drop operation. You can handle the visual composer very easily without any knowledge of coding.

CONTACT FORM 7: Create as many forms as your heart desires using contact form 7! Customize the fields and make it suit your needs according to the type of campaign you are going to embark on. Creativity knows no bounds!

BOOTSTRAP: Built in the latest Bootstrap framework so to offer the advantage of quick and easy loading in any device and compatible with all the modern browsers. HTML and CSS with JS framework is the defacto standard for the responsive themes.

SHOPPING HOME PAGE: A beautifully designed shop page with 3 tabbed product review, description and additional information. A quick excerpt like description followed by the related products and a gallery type product display with the add to cart button completes the setup. The products page designed in a 3 column layout looks attractive.

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4) Dental ($59)

Dental Health - Dentist Clinic Medical WP theme

Dental Theme is unique and comprehensive to cover other specialties too. You can use Dental theme for any surgical specialty and other medical theme requirements.  

Responsive and Retina Ready: Dental theme is 100% responsive so as to load in any device of varying screen resolutions. Being retina ready as well, the images are crystal clear and sharp in all the devices.

Doctor and Details Page: There are special pages in the home page itself for dental service, procedures, dental filling, doctor profile, appointment and enroll now. These modules give extensive information about the doctors on call and the visiting consultants to the hospital giving a clear picture about the hospital and the type of services they provide. Very useful to provide this information so that the people are aware of the type of procedures and surgeries performed in the hospital and by whom.

The Visual Composer advantage: In Dental, building your web pages is made very simple and even without knowing codes, one could easily design a webpage just by dragging and dropping the elements using the drag and drop page-builder and shortcodes builder.

Blog Carousel: There is a blog carousel feature that is unique to this theme. This unique feature allows to view the list of selected post types in a carousel. Therefore, there is rich carousel display and post information which provides better support for mobile devices. Truly responsive theme!

WooCommerce: The power of WooCommerce is enabled in Dental theme so that you can start your online sales the moment your site is configured. Display your products and medicines in many layout designs like 2, 3 column or 4 column with delightful hover effects giving the description of the products.

Appointment forms: Fixing an appointment with doctors in Dental theme is very easy. Giving your requirement for the type of service would filter the physicians who would be doing that procedure. Clicking on show time would reveal the available slots on different dates of the physician chosen. Just select your choice and go! There are 2 types of appointment forms available in Dental theme.

Pages with left side bar: Much like the tabbed browsing feature, you can create a set of menus on the left sidebar and display contents and excerpts about topics or procedures. A great tool to explain about the popular procedures and surgeries.

FAQ SECTION: In Dental , an extensive documentation for FAQ SECTION is provided as you are likely to receive many queries about various services provided. There is a Faq single page and faq1 page provided for addressing the common issues and the not so common ones too!

24/7 Support:  Dental theme is supported by legendary support as it can be vouched by   our customers. Knowledge base, forum and email support provided for the theme. There is an extensive documentation available for reference.

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5) Health & Care ($59)

Health & Care - Medical WordPress Theme

Health and Care WordPress theme is helping you to easily translate the entire website to many languages. The short code builder will create most of the website elements for your website with simple clicks for you. The WooCommerce is helping the users to make a best online store for your business.

SLIDERS: This beauty theme working superbly with two kinds of sliders named revolution slider and swipe slider. The revolution slider is helping you to create beautiful animations in the slider and the swipe slider is very useful in the posts and galleries.

BROWSERS COMPATIBLE: Everybody wants to visualize their website in all kinds of browsers to the viewers. For that this, beauty WordPress theme works perfectly with the browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and IE9+.

ESSENTIAL GRID: This grid plug-in is arranging blog, gallery and many website elements in a customizable grid. So you can show your website in a most structured and eye catching look with perfect spaces to the viewers.

VISUAL COMPOSER: This theme comes with Visual Composer using which you can easily design and modify the pages without coding knowledge! Just drag and drop pagebuilder would assist your designing job and with the combination of multiple shortcodes provided, sky is the limit for customizing your design adventures!

SEO OPTIMIZED: The best SEO approach has been adopted for this theme by integrating the HTML codes in the theme. Health & Care theme is compatible with All in One SEO pack and SEO by Yoast for ensuring  a better ranking.

BOOKING CALENDAR: The appointment calendar is used for your bookings of the various services provided from the site. The date displays not available if none has any free slot for the date. You could easily make your bookings using the calendar plugin of  the appointments menu.

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6) Fitness Zone ($59)

Fitness Zone | Sports, Health, Gym & Fitness Theme

Fitness Zone beauty WordPress theme developed with a five smart home page layouts helps to create attention-grabbing websites. The stick navigation comes along with you when you scroll down in the website. With this menu you can move to any page with scrolling up or down.  This beauty theme can be viewed in both box and wide layouts.

BUDDYPRESS: The buddypress helping you to create your own social network for your website. With this facility you can have features like member profiles, activity streams, user groups… in the website. So the members can have an environment equal to a social network.

TIME TABLE: With this function you can create time table with details related to events. So the viewers can find out the events planned for a day, week, and month. This time table will help them to attend the events in time.

GOOGLE MAP: The Google map is very important for the customers to find the locations easily. With this plug-in the map can be shown in beautiful colors to the viewers. The location pins are coming with icons to show important places of the city.

BMI CALCULATOR: This beauty theme works well with the BMI calculator, so you can add this calculator to your website. With this calculator the viewers can check out their body fat based on their height and weight.

BBPRESS: Using BbPress integration with the theme itself, design as many forums as you feel. These forums would help your customers and members of the site to interact with each other easily sharing their views on different topics and discussions for healthy growth and understanding.

WPML: Fitness Zone theme is 100% compatible with this multilingual plugin which in real time means, your site could be translated in as many languages as your needs grow. The download pack includes .po and .mp files for easy translation.

GALLERY PAGE: Design a full width gallery  with 2,3 or 4 column layout. You have the option to add right, left and both sidebars with any layout.  You could chose not to have sidebars of any kind! Use your creative imagination to build any type of gallery! Gallery detail page could be designed using the layer slider as well adding images and videos!

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7) WellnessCenter ($44)

WellnessCenter Beauty Spa WordPress Theme

WellnessCenter beauty WordPress theme comes with two different sliders; text slider and image slider. The contact form builder is constructing powerful contact form to maintain a beautiful relationship with the customers. This theme functions perfectly well with the WPML plug-in, so this website contents can be changed to any language easily.

MAILCHIMP: The mailchimp has created great revolution in  email marketing. It helps the users to send message to many number of email ids in a single time. The website owners can get the mail ids from the viewers visiting the website using the subscription form. After that, they can send emails to the subscribers about the latest offers and schemes for developing the business.

BOOTSTRAP 3: This beauty theme designed using the popular responsive framework called Bootstrap. So this theme works very well with all types of devices like Mac, tab, phone… With this theme, you can reach your customers through all types of devices.

GALLERY WITH VIDEO SUPPORT: The gallery is very important in the beauty websites for showing the best treatments for the customers. So this theme comes with a well crafted gallery.

REVIEWS AND RATING (TESTIMONIALS): The testimonials are displayed in a slider with user ratings for the treatment received. A 5 star rating and the testimonial given by a customer would go a long way in strengthening the image of the site.

APPOINTMENT FORM: A unique calendar integrated appointment form is provided in this theme. Select your date and the availability options are displayed for that date. When you book the appointment, a confirmation email be sent to you.

PRICING TABLES: The pricing tables offer a convenient way to display your services at a glance. The pricing for each type of treatment could be displayed in the table with a button to book an appointment for the services chosen.

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8) Spa Lab ($59)

Spa Lab | Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

Spa Lab beauty WordPress theme designed with an attractive coming soon page and 404 error page to make the people to stay with website in maintenance time.  Gallery is very important for showing the images of your treatments to the viewers and the retina ready feature improves the quality by removing the struggles in viewing. The gallery is showing your images with different shapes.

NEW HEADER TYPES: Header is more important to catch the viewer’s eyes at the first look. So this beauty WordPress theme giving fresh looking header designs to your website. With them you can add more beauty to your websites.

THERAPISTS PAGE: The customers will be more interested to know about the persons who are going to give treatment to them. So this therapist’s page will be most useful to show your therapists image and special features to the customers. This page will surely make a good idea to the viewers.

RTL SUPPORT: Several number of world languages are written in the right to left format. For that reason the RTL is coming with theme to make your conversion easier. With RTL you can convert your website contents to all languages in RTL format.

SHORTCODES: The short codes are given in this theme, making the work of creating important elements of website quicker and simpler. With this theme short codes Buttons, Google maps, Accordion, Tabs, Featured Gallery, Post list and so on.

WOOCOMMERCE: Spa lab is built with WooCommerce integration to address your online stores. As soon as you build your site, you are ready to sell! Build you shop easily with the functionalities of WooCommerce plugin in any way with any type of layouts you want!

RESERVATION: Reservation facility is offered in this theme so that if you need to reserve a table at a given time and given date, you could easily do so. The times that are available is displayed so that you might select a time most suitable to you.

WPML: Spa theme provides your WPML support and translation ready features. The right to left language format is supported so that you could have your pages, posts and your site easily displaying in the RTL languages to reach out to any segment of people around the world.

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9) Yogi ($59)

Yogi - Health Beauty & Yoga WordPress Theme

Yogi beauty theme developed with two types of home pages (minimal, classic) for making different styled websites. There are four types of post formats that are useful to show things like class, events, testimonials and trainers. This theme would help you to display your website in smaller devices too.

CLASS FILTER: The viewers want to find the details related to their search as soon as possible. For that this beauty WordPress theme designed with a filter useful to find exact results based on the options like category, trainer, level or week days within minutes.

WIDGETS: The widgets are more useful to add many important details in the websites. This beauty WordPress theme coming with four widgets: Noo Event, Noo Class, Noo Class Category, Class Slider to add details in the websites footer and sidebar.

CLASS SCHEDULE: The class schedule is a creating perfect guide for the students to find their class details like timing, days… So the students can attend the classes in correct time every time  without missing.

MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE: Membership package is a unique theme feature in Yogi theme. Create as many membership package as you want. You can easily manage the order and the member details from the dashboard.  You can easily export the order to CSV file too.

VISUAL COMPOSER: The amazing Visual Composer is an easy to use  drag and drop pagebuilder that is integrated with this theme. Your creative abilities will flow through you using this pagebuilder which will give you the power to build any type of page easily. This plugin is built in Yogi, so you save 28$!

WOOCOMMERCE: Yogi theme is compatible with WooCommerce plugin, the most popular ecom WordPress plugin. Create beautiful online stores  easily in Yogi, the health and beauty yoga theme in as many different layouts as you wish!

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10) Dream Spa ($59)

Dream Spa - Responsive Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

Dream Spa WordPress theme coded with most powerful HTML5 and CSS3 coding styles. This beauty theme short code generator is creating many sections in the website in few seconds. The admin panel of this theme is coming with tons of options for simplifying your website handling.

WOOCOMMERCE: The WooCommerce plug-in making a great revolution in the online shopping. There are many latest options needed for the online selling and buying is included in this plug-in. This beauty WordPress theme is creating smarter online shopping websites.

MAILCHIMP: The email marketing is most profitable marketing technique in the online. This theme is having the popular mailchimp feature to do the email marketing successfully. You can send emails to many email ids with a single click of the button using this facility.

SHOP PAGES: The shop pages are more important to sell the beauty products in the website. Keeping this in mind this WordPress theme is coming with impressive shop page designs. This shop page is giving more awesome hover effects and layout styles to showcase your products.

MEGA MENU:The mega menu is playing more important role in the website marketing. Mega menu is giving a large space to showcase you ads about the products and treatments to the users. So you can take your products to the customer’s eyes through this menu.

VISUAL PAGE BUILDER: Using Visual Composer that is built in this theme, gives you the enormous power to design any type of webpage without knowing codes! The drag and drop features of the pagebuilder would enable you to dive into flexibility of the pagebuilder to smoothly create web pages!

PROCEDURE PAGE: The custom post types provide a great way to present your products and services to reach out to your customers. Especially if your services include multiple types of customized offerings, procedure page is the ideal way to present your services. A 3 tabbed module will support your endeavor such as preparation, process and spa treatment with details of description with its cost.

CHILD THEME: Update your theme without fearing loss of data because the child theme is provided in this theme. This is a great and convenient way to go for updating so as to stay with the latest updates for your theme without worrying about loss of data!

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11) Barber ($49)

Barber - WordPress Theme for Barbers & Hair Salons

Barber WordPress theme is most uniquely created for the barber and hair dress business persons. This beauty theme is giving more attractive and improved look for your website by 10 header designs. The retina ready is showing all the images of your website clearly by removing the all the issues normally associated with sites that are not responsive in viewing.

SEO: This theme is developed with many best things needed for getting a higher ranking in Google search. So your websites can give growth to your business through Google search engine.

SHORTCODES: The short codes are added for helping you to create website sections needed for you. Add the coding within the website and create any website elements easily by your hands. There are 100 + short codes are given in this WordPress theme.

PRICING TABLES:  The pricing table options are very unique in Barber theme.  It is customized to included different types of services by highlighting one table from the others!  You could have a choice of 3, 4 or 5 column tables with highlighting features  or without highlighting too. Display your services innovatively using theses pricing tables!

GALLERY PAGES: Default gallery with filters offers the 3 column layout while full width gallery uses a 5 column display utilizing the full page. The lightbox option offers a 4 column while the and mini gallery offers a single row of 8 gallery posts on which you would be able to drill into see more details.

BOOKING:  Booking your appointment in Barber theme is simple and user friendly. A weekly display of the available slots are displayed with days as columns and timing as rows starting from 8:00 am. If you want to book your appointment on  Friday at 08:00, it is clearly denoted as free or closed. Or you could book an appointment by calling directly for more information. A Google map too is provided for location search.

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12) Therapy ($59)

Therapy | Health and Medical WordPress Theme

Therapy WordPress theme is allowing the viewers to add reviews and ratings for getting feedback about your services. This beauty WordPress theme side menu is giving a facility to add multi level of menus in the website. The themerex framework is making the theme more comfortable and user friendly to the users.

FRONT END EDITOR: The front end editor paves  the way to do the publications work without visiting the dashboard. You need not waste time by visiting the backend, simply do anything using the front end editor!  You can do every change directly from the website.

BLOG STYLES: The blog styles are very important for showing your special writings to the viewers. A well designed blog will easily attract the viewers towards the website. For that, this theme is coming with 9 outstanding blog styles for your website.

PORTFOLIO STYLES: There are three uniquely designed portfolio styles classic, grid and masonry are given in this beauty theme. With these styles you can create coolest portfolios for your websites. You can post both standard and fullscreen posts in this portfolio.

WPML: This theme is compatible with WMLP plugin so that translating your site in to multiple languages is a breeze.  .po and .mo files included with this theme. The PO composer making it easy to work with .po and .mo files.

VISUAL COMPOSER: Coming with the Visual Composer, which is by far the most user friendly pagebuilder with its unique features of drag and drop, building your page has never been easier! In combination with the shortcodes, sky is the limit for customizing your design!

BOOKING CALENDAR PLUG-IN: WP Booking Calendar  is built in this theme using which will allow you to easily arrange meetings with your patients or clients. There is a dropdown for the service providers who could be selected for fixing appointments. Once you select your slot of timing and person, a form opens for filling up your email id and phone with your name for submission to confirm the booking. Using WP Booking calendar plugin, is so simple and easy for better management of this important functionality.

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13) Health Coach ($59)

Health Coach | WP Theme for Holistic Life Coaching

Health Coach Beauty WordPress theme is adding more beauty to the website with the superb parallax and video background effects. The WPML is making the language transfer work very simple for the users. By using this feature you can transfer the website to many languages. With the visual composer the users can create the website superbly without anyone’s help.

WOOCOMMERCE: The online shopping is a famous trend going between people these days. People are interested to purchase things from home through online stores. This beauty theme creating most advanced online shops for selling your products with safer payment transfers.

VISUAL COMPOSER: Health coach theme works amazingly with leading page builder visual composer. With this page builder, the users can create the website pages within short time. So the users don’t need spend their valuable time in page creation.

REVOLUTION SLIDER: The revolution slider is given for free in this WordPress theme. This slider is adding more beautiful effects to the sliders of the website. So you can show your best packages and treatments in the sliders for getting more customers.

REDUX FRAMEWORK: This theme uses a very convenient framework in Redux. The Redux options framework is open source and free. It can be used as a wordpress repository plugin or embedded in your theme which makes it easy to use and customize your theme. Extensible plugin with variety of option fields for integrating with your posts and pages, categories etc.

BOOTSTRAP: Built on Bootstrap framework with HTML and CSS with JS framework, your site will load on any device quick and is responsive  with retina ready features.

CROSS BROWSER COMPATIBILITY: This theme is compatible with the latest and most popular browsers like chrome, Firefox, safari and IE and others.

Demo Details

14) Haircut ($59)

Haircut - Barbershop, Spa, Beauty, Manicure WP

Haircut beauty theme constructed with a fabulous reservation form useful for the patients to get the doctor’s appointments from anywhere. This theme is giving unlimited color options for selecting a matching color of your choice. The advanced admin panel of this theme is making your website handing a piece of cake.

CHILD THEMES: The child themes are doing the job of protecting your changes in the website. You can do any change in the child and keep safely. The updating of the WordPress theme will not make any difference to the changes in the child theme.

CONTACT FORM 7: The contact form 7 helps you to handle many contact forms with different fields. Contact forms are very important for the users to communicate with the website owners.

STICKY NAVIGATION: The navigation is very important for moving from one page to another page or one section to another section in a website. The sticky navigation will go along with the viewer in every place of the website. So you can easily navigate from one place to another place of the website.

DRAG AND DROP PAGE BUILDER: The amazing Visual Composer is offered in the is theme which is  an easy to use  drag and drop pagebuilder. Give your creative abilities an opportunity to flourish! Using the pagebuilder empowers you to build different types of pages easily.

SERVICES PAGE: The services page is very unique in this theme. To begin with you could download the brochures as a PDF or other formats like .doc and .zip file. A 3 column layout to list all your services could be displayed with the pagination option. On clicking any one service, you would see more description of that service with an option for online booking of the same.

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15) Beauty ($59)

Beauty - Hair Salon, Nail, Spa, Fashion WP Theme

Beauty Theme is a latest and smart theme in WordPress for all types of salons like beauty or hair care and other health related enterprises. Powered by the Visual Composer and Pagebuilder with 14 languages translation and compatible with the multilingual plugin, Beauty could be your first choice for health and beauty related businesses.

VISUAL COMPOSER: Visual Composer is built in this beauty WordPress theme so that you can easily build your page and modify without any hassles. Beauty theme is fully compatible with this plugin. Using the WordPress dashboard, you can launch the visual composer and start your design activities.

WPML: We have provided the Translations for 14 languages. If English is not your first language, not to worry!  Beauty theme  is  professionally translated into the following languages namely: Dutch, French , German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Slovenian, Danish, Turkish, Czech and  Swedish!

RESPONSIVE AND RETINA READY: Beauty theme will load on any device quickly. This theme will look beautiful and beautiful on any device from desktop to mobile to tablet. Responsive design and clean code makes it super fast on any hand held device like mobile.

REAL TIME WP CUSTOMIZER: You can easily change the look and feel of your website with the real time preview. Using WP customizer, you could get a look before you publish and make it live. Many different page layouts could be changed in any page via the editing screen such as front page layout, about us page, shop page, services page and contact us page.

BOOTSTRAP: Beauty is built with the latest  Bootstrap  which is the most popular HTML, CSS and JS framework for developing responsive and mobile first projects on the web, so that it load very fast in any device.

WOOCOMMERCE: Beauty theme offers WooCommerce integration so that your site is ecom ready from day one!  Start selling and accepting payments from your customers using the most popular WooCommerce plugin.  Design your shopping cart in different styles with this plugin and enjoy.

Demo Details

16) Yogastudio ($59)

Yogastudio - Yoga, Gym and Healthcare WP Theme

Yogastudio is a theme exclusively designed for yoga and meditation classes, health clubs and fitness centers. Also suitable for spa and other health clubs and gyms. Built in WordPress with the Visual Composer, you have yourself a winner in every possible way!

VISUAL COMPOSER: Visual Composer is the most user friendly, drag and drop pagebuilder available using which you can easily customize or design your website’s pages without knowing any coding knowledge.

WPML: Yogastudio comes with the localized .po and .mp files included as well as the PO composer that works with .po and .mo files. WPML plugin is compatible with this theme so as to offer the translation options in multiple languages.

SEO OPTIMIZED: HTML code integrated into the theme meeting the best SEO approaches. The theme supports the popular Plugins, All in one SEO pack and SEO by Yoast.

BOOKING CALENDAR:  A very unique calendar for booking appointments comes embedded with this beauty WordPress theme.  The days of the week are given in the calendar as columns. The timings like 9-10, 10-11 and so on are given as the rows. The programs that are offered are in the cells such as  row1-column1, much like the grid settings of an excel sheet. You could click on yoga dance which is at Wednesday , 11-12 time slot. By clicking on Register, your booking will be accepted and the instructor’s name will be displayed on the calendar for confirmation.

WOOCOMMERCE: This beauty theme comes integrated with the WooCommerce plugin for your online sales initiatives from day one!  Build your online presence easily with this plugin and establish your business to accept the payments and deliver the goods.

CLASSES PAGE: The yoga and other programs that your center offers need to be clearly displayed with the time and the instructor who is going to conduct the classes. The class page could be designed in a 3 column layout and their timing and days on which they are conducted could be shown and get their bookings for the class.  The user will be able to drill into each class and read more in depth about the program.

SHORT CODE BUILDER: The shortcodes builder in the theme would generate many modules codes to be used in the page. In combination with the pagebuilder, your customizing skills would grow by leaps and bounds. Design new pages without knowing codes!

Demo Details

17) Dental Clinic ($49)

Medical & Dentist WordPress Theme - Dental Clinic

This beauty WordPress theme is suitable for dentists and clinics specializing in dental practice such as orthodontists, maxillofacial surgery clinics run by dentists and other specialists in dental hospitals. A special theme for the dentistry with emphasis on their special needs. This theme is SEO optimized with valid codes and micro formats implemented. The all in one SEO pack and SEO by Yoast are compatible with this theme. This theme comes with  tons of shortcodes and the easy to use Drag and drop editor for a smooth designing of the web pages.

WPML: This theme is WPML compatible so you would be able to easily translate your site into multiple languages so that you could address more people who may be in need of your services.

RESPONSIVE and RETINA READY: This theme is responsive loading equally fast in any device with retina ready images that are clear with fantastic looks and appearance in any screen resolution and any mobile device.

APPOINTMENT PAGE: Online appointment booking is made simple in this theme. The form would take in your name and phone number with the date of appointment and time preferred. The services for which the treatment required is listed from the services dropdown from where you need to select the condition for which treatment is sought.  Similarly, the doctor maybe chosen from another staff dropdown module. Once selected and submitted, you would get an validation error message if any field is left out. Once successfully submitted, you will get a message,” successfully submitted, thanks.”

FAQ: A detailed FAQ section is provided wherein the routine questions on insurance, payments and so on are dealt with. This section is vital as many of the common questions are covered and answers are provided there. So when the patient comes to the hospital he is well informed about the normal queries so that the doctors will be able to answer other relevant questions.

MEGA MENU: Supports the mega menu features so that if your site has multiple pages, the links to all the pages will be provided in the header menu itself. These menus are rich in content with images, videos, shopping carts or even maps if need be.

Demo Details

18) Yoga Fit ($59)

Yoga Fit - Sports, Fitness & Gym WordPress Theme

Yoga Fit beauty theme comes with fully designed & integrated  Events Calendar as well as the Professional Events Calendar plugin.  (The PRO addon needs to be purchased separately) The adding of  events and calendars on your website vastly improves the appointment booking feature with the premium timetable plugin which is integrated too.  This theme is compatible with the multilingual plugin so it is translation ready.  By translating into multiple languages, reaching across to different segments of the population increases your customer base. Yoga Fit is a responsive theme having an awesome appearance which looks great on any screen resolution and mobile device.

WooCommerce: WooCommerce shop integration is built in to this theme for online sales from the site with payment gateway. Sell any products online using this theme from day one. Display your products with its price in multiple layouts with sorting and related products display.

SEO: Yoga Fit is completely SEO optimized with micro formats implemented. Your site would be naturally ranked higher with these built in functionalities. Also supports the popular All in on SEO and SEO by Yoast. Having an optimized code and structure and awesome SEO options for all your website contents like posts and pages, lets you add  SEO meta data in  the website content.

Content Composer: Visual Composer which is a drag and drop content composer with 99+ shortcodes gives you a formidable combination of elements for designing and modifying the pages easily without coding. The drag and drop editor is a boon to the website owners and builder alike!

Custom Form Builder Tool: Cmsmasters team have created a custom form builder tool that creates different forms like fitness and yoga questionnaires, contact forms etc. with various field types. Add this form anywhere!  Create contact forms for different occasions like surveys and questionnaires.

FAQs: The FAQs page saves a lot of time by addressing the common and routine questions and providing proper answers there itself. This results in better clarity in the users and members of your site with regards to the common aims and objectives of the your site.

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