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The Latest WordPress Themes on Charity, NGOs & Crowdfunding

Charity, NGO, and crowdfunding themes have the onus of responsibility to collect money online and maintain the proper account for the funds.  In addition, they showcase their area of interests and concerns about their mission and purpose. Charity begins at...
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Latest WordPress Auditing Themes for Financial Sector

Auditing themes for accountants and financial analysts need to be succinct in its content and execution of ideas. Since accounting is known as the language of business, the themes for auditing and its twins like financial services and consultancy need...
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10+ Exotic WordPress Artists Theme Befitting The Artist’s Work

Artist themes in this selection of themes contain unique and exclusive themes for the individual artists like painters, musicians, and poets and any kind of creative work. Artists have always been a bit exotic in their outlook and living as...
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Latest WordPress Psychiatrist & Psychologist Themes in 2017

Psychiatry and psychology belong to the realm of the mind and mind-related illnesses like psychosomatic disorders. In fact, it is very broad in its scope as body and mind are interrelated. Since mind and body can influence each other, it...
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Latest WordPress Resorts and Restaurant Themes in 2017

Resorts and hotels do a lot of seasonal business depending on the time of the year. For example, during summer holidays a lot of activity happens at the hill station resorts and restaurants as a lot of people want to...
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10+ Attractive Spa and Beauty Salon WordPress Themes of 2017

Spa themes are not only suitable for spa and restaurant business but also for many others in the hospitality industry such as bed & breakfast, bars & casinos as well as hotels and resorts. Although the requirements of each of...
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Best Blog and Magazine Themes of Stellar Quality for Publishing

Blog and magazine themes are catering to the journalistic businesses. With the decline of sales of the print media, obviously, more and more people are opting to read from their device or tablet or the laptop. Naturally, the first and...
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