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10 + Stylish Premium WordPress bbPress Themes

If you like to fuse a forum in your website, then the open source WordPress tool bbPress is the right way to add a forum category to your existing website! bbPress is designed by WordPress developers with some default styling to help users to set up a forum as an extra feature of their WordPress website. However future technology advanced so as bbPress with more plugins options to boost the functionality and extend the design of your website.

Installing a forum in a website can help you to enhance your web existence, enlarge your online brand and set up relationship with other people within your niche. bbPress plugin admit you to carry forum in your existing website without changing your theme style. This forum community solution focus on comfort of use and responsiveness. To be genuine when compiling this list, we hunted for quite visually appealing bbPress themes  and the functional templates to run a successful forum. If you wanted a quality looking forum then a premium bbPress WordPress Themes is the best option, it can bring tons of targeted traffic to your website and new customers.

Try out the collection of “10 + Stylish Premium WordPress bbPress Themes” and share your feedback with us.

1) Trendy Travel ($59)

Trendy Travel- Tour, Hotel, Travel WordPress Theme

The Trendy Travel WordPress theme has an advanced admin panel, inbuilt with SEO optimization from the startup. This theme admits the search engines to identify the keyword content of your websites easily that helps you to get a higher page ranking in Google. The FAQ section of the website will provide the frequently asked questions so that routine doubts has been cleared in the website itself. This theme is created with most beautiful blog pages. These pages are giving more impressive look and display comments in the websites to attract many users. The Trendy Travel WordPress theme offers various packages in a page with various columns with sidebar options. The WordPress theme that comes integrated with the forum software bbPress. Using bbPress plugin, create your forums, topics and start interacting with the website visitors and build a community of users of your website.

MAILCHIMP:  The newsletter plugin helps the website to make email marketing easy. The website can add email-ids of the visitors who viewing your websites and send emails about your latest products. This marketing will help you to grow your business to the next level.

WOOCOMMERCE: Trendy Travel WordPress theme comes with WooCommerce integration so that you can start selling products online from your website from day one. Using the theme options, from the dedicated tabs, you can modify the design of your shop page as multiple layouts.

WPML: This WordPress bbPress theme is fully compatible with the WPML plugin. Being a Multilanguage plugin, this assures that the website is completely translatable into many languages. The theme included with the .po/.mo files for localization support.

BUDDYPRESS: This theme is compatible with the best WordPress plugin named buddypress. This plugin is for creating a good social network for your website. So the users will have a pleasant experience, when working on your website.

EVENTS CALENDAR PRO: Trendy Travel theme working perfectly with the event calendar plugin. It helps the website to create a calendar for the special events arranged for the users. You can create events for a day, week, month…

RETINA READY: This WordPress theme makes it simple to handle high-resolution images and rich contents in all devices with retina display. It displays your image in double the pixel size from the normal view of the website.

VISUAL PAGE BUILDER: In many themes a list of short codes and elements given for creating web page layouts. But this theme is created with visual composer to select any type of components wanted to create page design, the sections will be created automatically in the frontend.

MEGA MENU: Mega menu is designed with this theme is for adding lists of menu items in the header drop down menu. You can give more important navigation links in the drop down mega menu, so the viewers of the website can see the pages in one place at a glance.

ADVANCED FILTER FORM: Advanced filter option helps to display the data which are filtered by the users. By having a filter option on the website, you can able to display the limited data to view without touching the code and design.

GOOGLE MAP PLUG-IN: Google maps are an essential feature for all types of websites. So this theme has been integrated with a premium responsive Google map plugin. With this plugin your website can have a clean map location for your users. This plugin highlights location to protect the users from the distraction.

CONTACT FORM 7: This contact form 7 plugin makes form designing for different purposes! Trendy Travel into different forms customizing as many sections for any type of requirements like email marketing, surveys and use in as many types as possible!

GALLERY PAGE: Trendy Travel is built in with most advanced gallery management system. Organizing the images in multiple columns with sidebar, without sidebar and both sidebars that are enabled in the theme.

PRICING TABLE SHORTCODE: In Trendy Travel, servers the different packages available for multiple plans. Evidently using these kinds of pricing tables and their options to describe the service offers an efficient method to display and convenient of the users.

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2) Klein ($59)

Klein - A Nitty-Gritty Community Theme

The Klein WordPress theme is focused on usability of the forum interface simple and highly functional. FAQ page has been intensely useful to clear the frequently asked questions and answers for clarifications which are routine in nature so that the time is saved. The forum page in this bbPress theme has many topics with sidebar options and column layouts for the users. This theme is SEO featured with a complete set of codes.  Also the theme makes use of keywords, SEO friendly images, codes, Google analytic insertion with social icons connectivity for Facebook and Google integrations with logging options. The website which is made with this theme has multi powers to make various websites. Using the event calendar you can exhibit the best events to enchant your users. You can display the event with details like date, venue, map, timing…

PAGE BUILDER:  With this page builder the users can create pages of the website with prebuilt blocks. So the users can simply create the page layouts with multiple sections using this builder.

WOOCOMMERCE: This WordPress theme is WooCommerce ready so that your online product sale begins the day you made your website!  Create your shop page with various page layouts for products, set their price, wish list, add to cart, and my account.

BBPRESS: The forum software bbPress plugin is combined with this theme, so creating and maintaining forums, topics for groups and assuring interplay is simply interested in Klein!

WP JOB MANAGER: WP Job Manager Plugin is a lightweight job listing for casting job-board features to your WordPress website. Being code based, it can work with any theme allow users to apply to jobs using a form & employers to view and manage the applications from their job dashboard.

BUDDYPRESS: Functioning any amiable of social network in Klein Theme is made easy with the buddypress insertion that comes readymade.  This plugin is very useful for maintaining the group to know about different activities and schedule.

WPML: Klein is fully compatible with the multi-language plugin for smooth translation of your website into assorted languages.  To reach out to major peoples using this translation ready WPML plugin feature!

GRAVITY FORM: The gravity form is a most advanced and complete featured contact form plugin. This plugin comes with lots of features like drag and drop interface, lead capture advanced notification routing…

BOOTSTARP: This WordPress bbPress theme advanced with the awful framework called bootstrap. This responsive framework for WordPress theme gives a shiny look to the website in all latest devices.

REVOLUTION SLIDER: The revolution slider adds more dazzling visual effects for the slides on the websites. There are several inventive slider revolution effects that can be made using jQuery slider plug-ins.

RESPONSIVE & RETINA READY: This responsive WordPress theme has more beautiful images by retina ready on this theme. So you can present your work more beautiful than the other websites. Responsiveness will make tremendous growth in your business by accommodating all types of device with high resolution screens.

PAID MEMBERSHIP PRO: Membership is a unique theme functionality of WordPress theme. It creates many members easily, manage the order and the member details through the dashboard.

BUDDYPRESS MEDIA:  Buddypress media are nothing but Rt media the only complete media solution which integrates with WordPress consistently. It’s built with a mobile-first approach, it works on latest mobile/tablet devices.

CONTACT FORM 7: In this WordPress theme contact form 7 plugin creates a contact form which adds more stylish approach to your users of the website suitable for your idea using this functionality. A best designed contact form will be needed for providing a good link with the users.

CHILD THEME: The child themes are useful to save the reformation made in the theme. You can make all changes in the child themes, so the changes never lost, when the theme gets updated by the developers.

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3) Fitness Zone ($59)

Fitness Zone | Sports, Health, Gym & Fitness Theme

Fitness Zone is one of the leading WordPress themes for a community website, the retina ready is fully responsive for every page in any device. The theme will look with high screen resolution awesome in any device. Being retina ready your images and contents are gorgeous on retina displays. The buddypress will create a social community for the customers to make conversation about the experience with the website service. By adding many plugins you can have many different features for your website with the buddypress plugin. The Fitness Zone theme is fully compatible with the WPML plugin. It can be used for building website in any language. So the theme becomes the most preferred theme of many people in the world. The possibility of video, gallery, audio, link and quotes formats could be creatively used in the website.  Providing multiple column layouts with sidebar options to display the blog comments.  There is no limit in using these features!

EVENTS CALENDAR AND EVENTS CALENDAR PRO: Events calendar plugin added to the Fitness Zone theme. So you can create any kind of event list like month, week, day… The events calendar is an immense advertising tool for your events to the users. By this your users will know about the events, so you can handle the successful events.

MEGA MENU: Mega menu is a plugin become a very famous feature among the users. Mega menu is a drop down menu in the header section of the website. This option will create multi column and row for placing main web page links in the sub menu. You can add image banners, rich contents and description in the dropdown menu.

VISUAL PAGE BUILDER: Creating the page has now become a breeze with drag and drop visual page builder. Drag and drop operation designed with many prebuild section blocks, so you can easily create any kind of page for your needs by simply dragging and dropping the block on the pages.

WOOCOMMERCE: This theme is WooCommerce plugin ready from day one! Build your shop page with multiple layouts with your products and configure, add to cart features in minutes with this awesome theme!

BBPRESS: The bbPress forum software that helps you to build your community. Create as many forums and topics for interaction in the forum using bbPress. It helps you to build up a healthy conversation between the members of the group and exchange of ideas.

TIME TABLE SCHEDULE PLUG-IN: This time table schedule plugin is a highlight of this WordPress theme that offers the event details of the services provided by the website at different timings.

BMI CALCULATOR: This bbPress theme works well with the BMI calculator, so you can add this facility to your website. With this calculator the customers can check out their body fat based on their height and weight measurement.

GOOGLE MAP PLUG-IN: The responsive styled Google map worth 15$ is included in the fitness theme. So you can manage your location with a Google map plugin. Different colored maps can be generated and custom location pins are also available.

SEO READY: SEO is an essential thing needed to achieve a better place in the Google page. So Fitness Zone has been designed with extraordinary SEO features. So with this theme made a way to search engines to index your website pages very quickly by Google.

FAQ SECTION: The FAQ page takes care of the most regular questions and queries of the users regards to the theme and the plans. Since these topics are of high technical knowledge, it pays to have a good FAQ section in the website.

PRICING TABLE SHORTCODE: The pricing table shortcode offers multiple styles of display services in a simple column format table to start with an advanced display of customized modules with the shortcodes.

GALLERY PAGES: The gallery page will visualize your images to the users of your website. In this theme you can display the images in different column styles like one, two, three or four columns with sidebar features to show other useful things to the viewers.

SHOP PAGES: The shop page could be configured in 2, 3 & 4 column layout with cart and checkout page. Completely display of the products and prices with images and add to cart, wish list and my account options.

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4) Socialize ($59)

Socialize: Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme

The Socialize is a multipurpose WordPress theme is super flexible, you can customize the theme to make it unique. This WordPress theme created with various layouts suitable for various business websites with homepage, post and category styles. So you can display content rich websites exactly you needed. This WordPress theme comes with portfolio detail page, 2, 3, 4, 5 & column and masonry styles. Each style offers a view that is pleasing to the eye with the gorgeous uprising of colors. Make all updates regularly without loss of data in the parent theme. Child theme enabled in this theme is very strong for updates. The Redux framework for WordPress used in bbPress theme is to make development cycle simple and faster options panel could be expanded. bbPress has the ability to initiate multiple forums, customizable templates and support protecting from spam. It offers a wonderful way to add a forum to WordPress website.

BUDDYPRESS: The Buddypress plugin creates a social community for the customers to make interaction about the experience with the website and service. By adding several plugins you can have various facilities for your website.

WPML:  WPML plugin is built-in in this theme, so that your website is multilingual ready. Translate the website into any language and cover more segments of users! .po and .mo files are covered in the download theme package.

WOOCOMMERCE: The WooCommerce plugin helps you to create an online product selling website using this theme. WooCommerce offers many facilities to the shoppers for operating the online business profitably.

EVENTS CALENDAR: The Socialize WordPress theme comes with events calendar pro. Creating and maintaining events are very simple and manage the event management features such as recurring events, saved venues, custom event attributes and organizers.

VISUAL COMPOSER: This theme is integrated with both extendable front-end and back-end page builder to save time while modifying the website design with drag & drop operation. No programming knowledge required, you can select any editor to edit the page where the changes can see instantly.

AJAX FILTER: Ajax filters plugin for Socialize theme adds extremely fast and powerful filtering ability to perform on your online store to make your website navigation easy. The filter allows your customers to find the products they need in a glimpse of an eye.

SOCIAL LOGIN: Social login for a website is a form of single sign-on using existing login detail from a social networking service such as Facebook, Twitter… plugin that allows your visitors to comment, login and register.

NOTIFICATION COUNTER: This notification counter module adds a badge with a number next to notification icons, when the notification has a message. This is a built-in functionality, this module works as an enabler for this function. Additionally, this module has the option to add such a number to a notification.

MULTIPLE ADVERTISEMENT AREA:  The advertisement areas within the terminal are carried out exclusively by several websites. This WordPress bbPress theme constructed with an extraordinary advertisement banner. These banners are more useful to promote your business offers to the users. These banner animations are quickly getting the viewer’s interest.

RETINA READY: The Socialized WordPress theme is completely responsive, so that every page is designed to appear better on any device. Regardless of the device and high screen resolution, the theme will look awesome in all devices. Being retina ready your images and contents are sharp on retina display.

SEO: SEO is an important thing to achieve an excellent place in the Google search. So Socialize has been designed with rare SEO features. It made a way to search engines from indexing your web pages very quickly. Your website will be notified in a short span of time by Google.

CONTACT FORM 7: Using the contact form plugin, you can design any type of forms for various needs such as surveys, questionnaires, and other forms. Easily customize the sections of the form which may be integrated into the newsletter plugin.

FAQ PAGE: The FAQ page has all the routine queries and relevant answers regarding your hosting, plans, services and other technical details could be easily tackled in this page, so that real queries can be attended by your support team.

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5) KLEO ($64)

KLEO – Next level WordPress Theme

Kleo is a fabulous WordPress theme with the support of bbPress, this theme is fully responsive with multiple functionalities. Kleo is translation ready with Multilanguage plugin support. Build multilingual websites using WPML translation into any language. It works perfectly with this theme, supports right to left formats so translate your website into RTL languages comfortably. Sidekick saves on support price by providing interactive tutorials for WordPress. It eliminates the time you spend reading, searching and fast-forwarding through video guides it speeds up the learning process. The standard front-end software for creating forums, topics for discussion which helps to interact between the users. It is very useful to get the feedbacks from the users about the service rendered and also the smooth reservations carried out by the websites could be reviewed.

BUDDYPRESS: Buddypress framework integrated with this WordPress theme, helps in developing an excellent social community. This plugin contains functionalities like a private conversation, grouping facility and much more interaction.  So you can build a social network with all features in your website.

WOOCOMMERCE: Selling and promoting the products through the online store on the websites is the latest marketing tool. This theme comes with WooCommerce plugin develops a best online e-store. Your users will view all of your items showcased in the shop page to order and purchase your items through your website.

GRAVITY FORM: The gravity forms in this bbPress theme the user can build their own competent form in a minute. Constructing form is quick and easily in WordPress themes by using built-in features.

VISUAL COMPOSER: Designing a web page is very easy with the visual components. Kleo designed with a powerful page builder that allows you to create any kinds of website with simple drag and drop operation. All types of website sections will be designed without any coding knowledge.

BOOTSTRAP: The bootstrap framework shows your website clearly without any controversy in all devices like tablets, mobile… The responsiveness is very important for the website to get the people around the world.

RT MEDIA: The most attractive news community to provide information to the customers throughout the day using Rt plugin. This plugin allows customers to create their list of favorite news utilizing media plugin.

GO PRICING: The go pricing offers a convenient way to present your services at a glance. The pricing for each program could be displayed in the table format with a button to book an appointment for the services required.

EASY DIGITAL DOWNLOADS: This free plugin that built in this WordPress theme, you have the cart system in a page using Ajax.  Selling your digital downloads is manageable with this plugin that accepts payments in many ways.

MULTIPLE DEMOS: There are several demos created with various styles for the users and others are coming soon. So you can create a website with the layouts needed for your website without customizing.

LIVE WP CUSTOMIZER: Kleo theme comes up with a latest feature live customizer. The customers can change fonts, colors and design at the back end. If you have any trouble with the changes done at the backend.  All the changes will see again in the live preview, before saving the changes at the theme backend.

SENSEI PLUGIN: Sensei is a perfect feature for creating a wonderful online education website. This plugin can create courses, quizzes and lessons easily in the website. This plugin provides all facilities needed for running a successful website. So creating and maintaining a website will be a snap with this theme.

LIVE NOTIFICATIONS: This notification plugin integrates into theme will send a notification through e-mail when new topics are posted. It is completely configurable with the bbPress settings.  All users of the community will receive an email notification about the new topic useful for larger forums

MEMBERSHIP READY: This WordPress bbPress theme comes with clean coding and unique design which gives a responsive and fast on all latest browsers.  The membership package is individually designed with an advanced features. You can generate as many members using this package and manage member’s detail from the dashboard.

CONTACT FROM 7: Contact form 7 is a super plugin used for creating various styles of contact forms. Contact forms help to create contact with the users, so this plugin helps to create better appealing contact forms to grab the users.

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6) Osmosis ($59)

Osmosis - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Osmosis is an excellent multipurpose theme for the bbPress platform with the stunning design, customized panel and much more. Gravity forms are absolutely one of the best contact form plugin for WordPress theme websites. The redux is a multifunction extensible framework empowers anyone without coding knowledge, to be comfortable in WordPress plugins and themes. The uber menu is a premium and ultimate WordPress mega menu plugin, which is highly customizable and simple yet powerful creative mega menu. Child theme which is included in this theme helps with updates or modifications to be carried out easily without any fear of the loss parental functionality of theme. The Osmosis bbPress WordPress theme is WPML compatible. Therefore the website is ready to translate into any language of your choice. Multiple languages are supported by this theme.

WOOCOMMERCE: WooCommerce plugin in the theme helps you to create a fantastic shop page layout for the website. WooCommerce specially made for the shop page with various options. So you can have a wonderful shopping moments for your user with your website.

BBPRESS: Using bbPress insertion with this theme will design as many forums as you feel. These forums would help your users and members of the website to interact with each other easily by sharing their views on various topics and discussions for healthy growth.

EVENTS CALENDAR & PRO: Events calendar is another extraordinary plugin comes up with the Osmosis theme. List the events for a day, week & month will be a best way to reveal the events to the users. For this event calendar plugin is very useful.

VISUAL COMPOSER: The theme comes with the built in drag and drop features of the page builder plugin. Even without programming knowledge, you can easily build web page layouts and redesign them by dragging and dropping the components.

RESPONSIVE & RETINA READY: Osmosis is designed as a responsive bbPress theme. This theme fitted with PC’s, laptop and all kinds of hand held devices. Each and every layout available in the theme is fitted with the devices perfectly, so your customers will not have any trouble with viewing your websites.

REVOLUTION SLIDER: Sliders are showing your finest products and services to your users in full width screen. Revolution slider with amazing animations and beautiful transitions will demonstrate your products with eye catching effects to your viewers.

GO PRICING TABLE: Using this pricing table feature, a clean display of the prices could be displayed in a table format so that the users can see the package that they may have to remit to enroll for their favorite programs.

SEO: The SEO from the startup has been built into this WordPress theme. It comes with an optimized code and well-structured custom SEO options for every page and posts that allows your Meta data to be added to all your webpage content.

MEGA MENU: Mega menu is used to present all information in short such as image banners, videos, maps, description, and even shopping cart for products. By using mega menu, you can organize the web contents in the menu effortlessly.

BLOG PAGE: Blogs are involved in the process of bringing the valuable users to your website. So Osmosis theme designed with blog pages like grid with columns, classic and masonry layouts. You can visualize your contents in any blog format liked by the users in the theme.

PORTFOLIO PAGE: Portfolio pages are created with an impressive look in this WordPress theme with grid, multiple grid, masonry and detail page. So you can present your works with an amazing effects to your users.

CONTACT FORM 7: Designing a new form with customized sections has been easier with contact form 7!  This plugin is the one of the most reliable contact forms for responsive WordPress themes which is very effective and easy to use.

MAILCHIMP: Easy mailchimp integration in WordPress theme with a backend option to integrate newsletter. Managing the newsletter subscription with this plugin is a breeze to build as many attractive forms as possible and launch your email campaign by providing API key in the back end and pick up the list to add subscribers.

POLYLANG PLUGIN: Polylang provides features to create a multi-language WordPress website. You can also convert categories, posts, pages and tags as regular, plugin that you can use to make your WordPress website into a fully multi-language functionality.

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7) Classiads ($49)

Classiads - Classified Ads WordPress Theme

Classiads has a simplistic look and an emphasis on readability bbPress theme for both blog and forum. Being developed on bbPress, this WordPress theme is fully compatible with the bbPress forum software. It creates many forums, topics and space to interact with the members effortlessly. The website is completely SEO optimized with its design and contents, so that the site will be easily found across all the advanced search engines. This WordPress theme is browser compatible, where your website can load fast in all browsers such as safari, firefox, chrome, IE, opera …..  Which makes your website user friendly.

WPML: All users will be interested to see the websites in their own language. WPML plugin comes with Classiads assist you to translate the website into any language. You don’t need any external works to translate the website into your language. WPML supports many kinds of languages speaking with the people around the world.

MAILCHIMP: With this famous newsletter integration, sending an email for recipients is very easy. Classiads works perfectly with the mailchimp, so you can send your offers to all of your customers with one click on a button and maintain the list of subscribers at the backend.

LAYER SLIDER: Layer Slider in Classiads WordPress theme is built in with the premium slider plugin. Layer slider offers supreme functionality and eye catching visual effects included in the theme.

PAYPAL: PayPal helps the websites to get money from the users around the world. They can transfer money in a safest way to your accounts using the PayPal. So you can get fundraising through your websites without wasting the time.

UNLIMITED COLORS: The unlimited colors are available with this  bbPress WordPress theme helps to customize your website in any color. With the unlimited color options the website can simply set the colors. By making a simple click, the whole website can be changed in different color in seconds!

 REDUX FRAMEWORK: This framework plugin gives the best and extensible options for the WordPress websites. So you can create websites having more powerful features for your business.

BOOTSTRAP: Classiads has been designed with the latest front end framework called bootstrap. With this bootstrap framework your websites will be shown very clearly with all kinds of devices like tab, laptop…. So the websites are perfectly viewed by the people in this world.

CONTACT FORM: Having contact form 7 plugin into the theme entails superior forms maintenance in the theme.  You could design any kinds of form for different purposes like email marketing newsletters, surveys, questionnaires…. to be sent to your users.

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8) HelpGuru ($59)

HelpGuru - A Self-Service Knowledge Base WordPress Theme

HelpGuru is the best responsive WordPress theme for forum, it is fully compatible with the bbPress forum software. It creates forums and interact topics with the members effortlessly using this WordPress theme. Simple and flexible downloadable files with built in support for article attachment for the users. Without losing data, you can update the theme with the inclusion of child themes.  Whatever modifications are made, it will not reflect on the parent theme. The WPML has changed the website for multiple languages the most searchable website by changing the website in the world. This theme will change the website content for many languages in the world for grabbing the customers.

WPML: This bbPress theme is completely compatible with WPML plugin which supports multiple languages. Go for major customers using this multilingual plugin and address them with their language!  It also includes the .po file and .mo files to start translating right away with PoEdit.

GRAVITY FORM: Using gravity form plugin, build various types of forms with sections to suit your purposes for different occasions like email marketing, questionnaires, surveys and some other requirements.

LIVE SEARCH: The advanced live search helps the users to get the results quickly. With this efficiency you can filter the data based on the date and keyword. You can give all these facilities to the users by simply adding an advanced live search plugin.

CONTENT ORDERING: This another exclusive feature that comes along with the grand bbPress WordPress theme. You can select the ready-made content types combined within the content builder and create desired content types for your website. You can adjust and order the content to any place using the drag and drop operation.

SEO: This WordPress theme is built with semantic SEO option practices with the search engines in mind to get a higher ranking. Theme supports the popular All in one SEO and Yoast plugin for WordPress SEO. HelpGuru offers a built in SEO optimization so the website is automatically ranked higher in Google page.  Taking advantage of this plugin to control and take care of the no of visitors to your website!

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9) You ($59)

You | Multi-Purpose Responsive WordPress Theme

You bbPress WordPress theme will take its usability to the next level, it is fully optimized for forum purposes. You WordPress theme comes packed with various pre-designed demos. Each demo and all the contents can be easily imported with the theme download package. Flexi shapes are a feature big and bold design with You themes. This WordPress theme is integrated with HTML code which meets the best SEO approach. This theme is compatible with All in one SEO plugin and SEO by Yoast. The 3D pages in this WordPress theme have a trendy look, it provides a clean and responsive theme with a 3D feature. Frequently asked questions are on a page is so useful in clarifying the frequent queries of the visitors to your website.

FOUNDATION 6: Foundation is the most advanced and easily customizable front end frame work. Using Foundation streamlined workflow you can design websites that are responsive. It is a mobile first framework made with Sass/Scss. The foundation provides the designers best practices for fast development.

WPML& RTL: Some of our world languages are in the right to left format. Are you writing that type of language? No worry You theme supports RTL of language. RTL combined with WPML plugin this theme makes translation work very easy.

WOOCOMMERCE: WooCommerce plugin is the leading ecommerce platform used for WordPress themes for their shop pages. You theme supports the WooCommerce perfectly that works best for the product showcase work. WooCommerce shopping cart helps the users to save all the products for purchase. Quick view of the product in detail page helps you to see the product clearly.

VISUAL COMPOSER: This WordPress theme comes with the Visual Composer plugin worth $30 that included in this theme. Using this page builder with the drag and drop option, it is so easy to create and modify your pages without coding! Visual composer comes with its premium frontend and backend page builder helps your design requirements.

CONTACT FORM 7: Contact form 7 can build as many forms as you want and customize it according to your requirements.  This seamless form combined with the mailchimp newsletter plugin and adds to your user base so that you can undertake an email marketing campaign.

CHILD THEME: Child theme comes with this bbPress theme for saving the modifications done by the website. All the modifications are saved within the child themes, so the changes and updates will not affect the website.

MULTIPLE PAGE LAYOUTS: This WordPress theme is designed with various kinds of layout styles. They are full width and 1 & 2 columns with both left and right alignments layouts. You can visualize your website in various layout styles by single clicks.

PRICING TABLE: Using various kinds of pricing tables, page is created with more options. Super flexible, set color & no of columns, add content and feature comparison pricing tables displaying the several propositions of your packages of all sizes.

SLIDERS: Creating sliders in You theme are really fun! In this WordPress bbPress option are defined and using shortcodes & elements for stage, grid gallery, group and 3D carousel, the sliders can be displayed anywhere on the website.

BLOG: You WordPress theme offers a multiple choice blogs, by the way of normal format, boxed with sidebar, blog grid 3 column full width, 2 column, blog grid 4 column with unboxed types, search filter and highlights options for presentations.

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10) Ezio ($59)

Ezio | Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Ezio looks perfectly with SEO options and responsive WordPress theme, it has the best theme customized features that enable you to set a stylize website with simple clicks.  This Ezio theme contains a powerful visual composer. So you easily create the web page layouts simply by drag and drop the rebuild section in the page builder.  This theme is built in with clean code, optimized with advanced keywords. Theme supports all the requirements of SEO plugin. Ezio is responsive and load fasts on all the browsers equivalently. Not only the browsers, but all with higher screen resolutions of any device. Ultimate add ons are very friendly to the developers with its clean design and well comments. It gives the power to extend the visual components. Being WPML compatible and translation ready with this theme, your website could be simply translated into any language to reach out to more section of users. Create quick, easy to use Countdown Timer that counts down in seconds, minutes, hours and days for any date, with time zone support. Qube+ element can be placed it on any page to build a several layouts with its own set of options. Shop details, cart and checkout pages make it easy for the users to do their online shopping comfortably. Shop page makes the shopping experience as user friendly.

BBPRESS: If you want to make conversation with your users through the website. This theme provides a bbPress forum software that helps to create the best forum in your website to interact with your users. It will help you to promote your website.

WOOCOMMERCE: WooCommerce plugin included with this WordPress theme will create dazzling shop pages for showcasing your products with an amazing look. An outstanding shop page is created on the Ezio for you. With this option you can increase your product sales very quickly.

LIVE CUSTOMIZER: The Ezio WordPress theme is designed with a powerful feature called live customizer. You can change content, design or anything in theme backend. After doing all the edition, check out all the changes done in the live preview. With this you can preview all the changes are done correctly.

MEGA MENU:  Mega Menu is an outstanding feature that comes with the theme. Ezio will visualize the special offers to develop the business. This WordPress theme supports the mega menu with image banners on the drop down menu. So you can put your special products and attracting offers in the drop down menu including shopping cart. Your visitors will get notified of the first visit of the website.

MULTIPLE DEMOS: The versatile bbPress theme has an impressive demo of a wide variety of templates covering many categories, namely Agency, Blog, Business, Multipurpose, One page, Other, Portfolio and Shop.

LAYER & REVOLUTION SLIDER: Ezio theme comes with two awesome premium plugins layer and revolution slider. Layer slider allows you to create a slider with multiple layered images to gain the users attention. Revolution slider is totally responsive WordPress plugin, you can create various dimensional effects to your image sliders easily.

DIFFERENT PORTFOLIO LAYOUTS: Portfolio is the main page on every WordPress website to show your work. Ezio designed with several portfolio styles such as standard, masonry, gallery grid and single portfolio pages. Your work product showcase can be done within any type of style as your thinking.

DIFFERENT BLOG LAYOUTS:  A blog page is the best way to provide personal or business information to the visitors. The Blog allows their visitors to leave a comment and interact each other in different ways, such as standard, full width, timeline, thumbnail grid, gallery grid and snippet format.

CHILD THEME: The child themes will take care of the update required in the theme without fear of loss of data, as the theme will remain intact while updating of child theme which enables your website to be updated to the latest version.

HEADER LAYOUTS: The Ezio WordPress theme has been designed with classic and modern header styles. Each header styles are very different stylish than each other, so you can create your website header with a unique look.

Demo Details

11) Cookie ($59)

Cookie | Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

Cookie WordPress theme is a great theme for community based websites with multiple options. With Cookie theme the website would get higher rankings which is built with SEO practices in mind. It uses semantically valid codes that allow the search engines to easily identify the content of your website. Infinite scrolling pulls the next posts automatically into view when the reader approaches the bottom. But essentially it is pre-fetching content from a subsequent page and show it directly to the current page of the user. Cookie WordPress theme with bbPress plugin could be initiated with the members of the website. You can easily provide a discussion forum for the users so that learning about the site become fun, not a burden!

WPML: This WordPress theme is fully compatible with WPML plugin and comes with .mo/.po files that can be easily converted into any language by using an appropriate software like PO composer.

VISUAL COMPOSER: Visual composer is a powerful page builder plugin included with the Cookie theme. Many website don’t know how to modify the website using the code. This plugin is included for the users without coding knowledge. They can simply login into the backend of the WordPress theme and make any changes with simple clicks on the buttons.

WOOCOMMERCE: Cookie theme is built in with the WooCommerce platform so that your site is ready to start selling products online! Design your shop page with different layouts for products including add to cart features. Sell online and accept payments without any interruption!

RETINA READY: Retina ready functionality works best with the Cookie WordPress theme. With this plugin your website can be displayed pixel perfect for the customers. This feature is 100% suitable for all types of animations and sections of the websites.

REVOLUTION SLIDER: Begin the slider revolution with this bbPress theme and design your homepage in an attractive way with $19 worth revolution slider plugin.

REDUX FRAMEWORK: Redux framework is a powerful tool used with this WordPress theme. This framework will provide fully responsive options to design an excellent website. Redux framework supports a massive number of section types, custom error handling, validation types and custom types.

BOOTSTRAP: This theme is created with a latest Bootstrap. Using HTML and CSS with JS, Cookie offers the latest technology with responsive in the theme. The theme will load in all modern devices regardless of the high screen resolution quick and display attractive images.

BLOG PAGE: Blog page comes in 5 types of blog layouts namely grid and masonry with sidebar & without sidebar options, carousels & single and navigation style with infinite scroll each offering provides a different layout that is unique and attractive design to your blog in an elegant way.

PORTFOLIO PAGE: The portfolio page could be displayed in various layout styles with their work. Each item can be displayed in the form of constrained & full width multiple column options, portfolio carousels, single and navigation styles with the infinite scroll page to set complete portfolio.

FAQ PAGE: The most important page in a website where the basic aims and objectives of the website could be listed clearly in the account of most frequently asked questions that are likely to arise in their service.  By dealing with this page in a concise and clear manner, user’s time could be saved.

PRICING TABLE: Using a 3 column pricing table in a creative way with 4 different styles, would project your packages and services on special promotion could be handled using the pricing table.

Demo Details

12) Consultancy ($58)

Consultancy - WP Consultancy & Business Theme

Consultancy is a WordPress theme for bbPress websites with eye catching design and clean code. This WordPress theme is compatible with the WPML multilingual plugin. The .po/.mo files come with this theme, so it will take care of your translation requirements into other languages. The newsletter plugin using mailchimp where you could send mail to several email ids at the same time by saving your time.  The forms for registering and logging are easily migrated to the mailchimp plugin that automatically add email ids to your database for starting your email marketing campaign. Retina Ready is a useful feature comes with the consultancy WordPress theme. Retina ready feature gives a sharp clarity to your website. Any website created with retina display shows the content and images with pixel perfect. So you can create a better visualization website with clean and clear format in all devices.

VISUAL COMPOSER: Visual Composer comes with this theme has more elements. Build any kind of page with several layout options using the drag and drop operation. No programming knowledge is needed for this customization. There are more elements in visual composer for building page layouts!

REVOLUTION SLIDER: Revolution slider is an amazing slider plugin developed for creating a beautiful slider for the website. This plugin is specialized in creating the multi-dimensional for images and contents appears on the slider. So you can visualize a good presentation for your users on the website slider.

BUDDYPRESS: This bbPress theme is comfortably working with the buddypress plugin to create a social network within the website having many feature options. So the website users will have a good conversation facility on the website.

BBPRESS: bbPress is the most popular and powerful forum software plugin. Using this feature you can create your own forum on your website. This forum will helps the users for making a wonderful conversation with the website.

WOOCOMMERCE: The WooCommerce platform is built in from start up on this WordPress theme.  You are ready to sell your product online the moment the website is ready.  Design your shop page in multiple layouts and configure add to cart and all other features of the ecommerce websites.

EASY DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: The amazing plugin that is free which is built in with the Consultancy theme so that you have the state of the cart system in the page using Ajax.  Selling digital downloads is so easy with this plugin that gets payments in different gateways.

BOOTSTRAP: Bootstrap is a framework which gives a perfect mobile friendly view to the theme. So this theme can be pixel perfectly viewed on all devices available in the market. It is a powerful framework, so your website can be viewed on all devices clearly.

Demo Details

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